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How do you remove ignition coil wire?

How do you remove ignition coil wire?

Grip the ignition cables as close to the coil itself as you can. Squeeze firmly and pull the cable’s boot (the connector portion of the cable) off of the ignition coil. You may need to squeeze and pull rather hard to disconnect each wire.

What does an ignition coil connector do?

A coil connector is an especially molded plastic component with electrical connections, which enable the individual cables to be connected by pins. The method of connection will vary according to the vehicle and the type of connector used.

What is the warranty on the coil packs?

All coil packs used for rental purposes are completely rebuilt, as new units and carry a one year unlimited miles warranty. The VT/ICU’s have all been upgraded with higher temperature rated components and also carry a 1 year unlimited miles warranty Watch this video to get an understanding of what’s going on out in the market place.

Is the ignition control module a sealed unit?

We’ve all been told the ignition control module is a sealed unit, a black box with no serviceable parts inside. I have had my S600 for over ten years and suddenly the car lost power, performance and driveability. I’ve combined my 25 years of electronic manufacturing experience in Silicon Valley with my dysfunctional Mercedes S600.

What kind of spark plug does a 2001 S600 have?

For example, a 2001 S600 that has engine 137.970 uses a MBz spark plug p/n 004-159-07-03 which was made for Mercedes by Beru with their spark plug 14F-7DPURX2. From there you can cross to other manufacturers and see what’s available. In this case, it crosses to a Bosch FR7KPP33U.

How do I replace the IC module (s) in my car?

Step 1. Determine which cylinders are not firing (reminder… cylinders 1-6 are on the right, passenger side. Cylinders 7-12 are on the left, drivers side. Remove the appropriate IC module (s). Step 2. Pack the module (s) very carefully !

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