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How do you treat Asperisporium Caricae?

How do you treat Asperisporium Caricae?

Burn infected foliage or fruit, if possible, to help prevent the spread of the disease. Protectant fungicides that contain copper, mancozeb, or chlorothalonil can also be used to manage papaya black spot. When using fungicides, be sure to spray the undersides of the leaves where the spores are produced.

How is papaya disease treated?

Before papaya flowers appear or just as they appear, preventative fungicides may help control papaya anthracnose. Use a fungicide containing Copper hydroxide, Mancozeb, Azoxystrobin or Bacillus. Spray the orchard with the fungicide every two to four weeks.

How do you control papaya leaf curl?


  1. Uproot affected plants.
  2. Avoid growing tomato, tobacco near papaya.
  3. Spraying with systemic insecticides to control the vector.

How can papaya disease be controlled?

Disease can be controlled through the use of appropriate protective fungicides such as mancozeb or copper sulfate; root rot in seedlings can be prevented by planting in holes filled with soil in which papaya has never been grown – by the time the roots extend out of the added soil the plant is no longer susceptible to …

What is the best fertilizer for pawpaw trees Australia?

Jerry recommends: Apply one handful of pelletised fertiliser for a small tree each month, (half a dozen handfuls for a larger tree) as well as a liquid feed with trace elements every year and applying shell grit or dolomite to ensure the plants have access to calcium, which helps them fight infection.

Can you cut mold off papaya?

The USDA recommends that soft fruit be discarded when it has mould but if it’s classified as a firm fruit you can cut around the affected area.

What is the best fungicide for papaya?


Fungicides used to treat Papaya Diseases
Anthracnose Leaf Spot
Chlorothalonil, Copper oxychloride, Copper Sulfate (basic), Copper hydroxide, Mancozeb, Maneb, Maneb + Zinc, Sulfur + Copper Sulfate Copper sulfate (basic)
Copper hydroxide

What is the best fertilizer for papaya tree?

14-14-14 Fertilizer Regular fertilizer applications with a balanced, all-purpose fertilizer helps support proper papaya tree growth and fruit development. For the best results, use a 14-14-14 product starting in the third month after planting. Use 4 ounces of 14-14-14 per papaya tree, once every four weeks.

What are the symptoms of leaf curl of papaya?

Papaya leaf curl disease Curling, crinkling and distortion of leaves, reduction of leaf lamina, rolling of leaf margins inward and downward, thickening of veins. Leaves become leathery, brittle and distorted. Plants stunted. Affected plants does not produce flowers and fruits.

How can papaya mosaic virus be controlled?

Control : As soon as the disease symptoms are observed dusting Sulphur (30 g/10 litres of water) or spraying Calixin 75 EC (5 ml/10 litres of water) at 15 days interval helps to control the disease.

What is the best fertilizer for pawpaw trees?

How do you fertilize a pawpaw tree?

Fertilizing Pawpaw Trees

  1. For optimal growth and fruit production, fertilize 2 times each year (March and June) with a well balanced fertilizer.
  2. Spread the fertilizer evenly under the entire canopy, avoiding a 2-inch area around the trunk.
  3. Water or rake the fertilizer into the soil.

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