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How does Nancy Mairs organize her essay?

How does Nancy Mairs organize her essay?

mairs organizes her essay by using an anecdote to catch the reader’s attention then by describing herself and her multiple sclerosis. the anecdotes and how each part connects to mairs or mairs’ life is what connects the different parts to each other.

What does Mairs mean by the phrase MS Great American consumer?

Nancy Mairs described herself as the “Ms. Great American Consumer” because she felt that she was just like the other ordinary women who buys products being advertised due to several things. For example, she buys tampons during menstruation, buys mouthwash, puts lotion on her skin, drives a car, eats pizza and so on.

What is Mairs’s purpose in the opening paragraph?

Mairs’s opening paragraph is, to say the least, multifarious/multifaceted and, in my opinion, amazing. What makes this introduction humorous, brilliant, and different than most you have encountered?

When did Nancy Mairs write on being a cripple?


How does Mairs organize her essay?

What is the purpose of on being a cripple?

The descriptive essay, “On Being A Cripple,” by Nancy Mairs demonstrates a purpose to postulate the way society has brainwashed people to judge others incorrectly in order to expose the true thoughts of a person living beneath the glamorized world.

What stereotypes of disabled people does Maris expect us to believe in how does she set out to counter them?

How doesshe set out to counter them? Maris expects us to believe in stereotypes in where people who are disabled or handicapped are still happy people with not much distress in their lives. In the text, Mairs writes, “Like fat people who are expected to be jolly, cripples must bear their lot meekly and cheerfully.

Why does Nancy Mairs call herself a cripple?

In this passage Mairs presents herself as a [cripple.” She uses this word to symbolize her independence and strength, and through features such as word choice, tone, and structure, Mairs persuades the reader that her choice of the word ,tcripple,, is the correct one for her.

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