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How is indeterminate used in a sentence?

How is indeterminate used in a sentence?

He got his wish with an indeterminate sentence. He got an indeterminate sentence, with a minimum six years. There were two types of indeterminate sentence: life imprisonment and imprisonment for public protection. He got an indeterminate sentence and must serve at least nine months.

What is an example of indeterminate?

The definition of indeterminate is something vague or not established. When no one is sure what caused a fire to start, this is an example of when the cause is indeterminate. When you add a pinch of sugar to a recipe but there’s no set amount, this is an example of when the amount is indeterminate.

What is meant by an indeterminate form?

An indeterminate form is an expression involving two functions whose limit cannot be determined solely from the limits of the individual functions. These forms are common in calculus; indeed, the limit definition of the derivative is the limit of an indeterminate form.

What type of word is indeterminate?

not determinate; not precisely fixed in extent; indefinite; uncertain.

Is indeterminate a synonym or antonym?

In this page you can discover 46 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for indeterminate, like: inexact, vague, indefinite, ambiguous, definite, general, doubtful, uncertain, aoristic, capricious and dubious.

Is Indeterminant a word?

Not accurately determined or determinable.

What is a indeterminate sentence UK?

An ‘indeterminate’ prison sentence does not have a fixed length of time. This means: no date is set when the person will be released. they have to spend a minimum amount of time in prison (called a ‘tariff’) before they’re considered for release.

What are 7 indeterminate forms?

To understand the indeterminate form, it is important to learn about its types.

  • Infinity over Infinity. For example, you are given a function, .
  • Infinity Minus Infinity.
  • Zero over Zero.
  • Zero Times Infinity.
  • Zero to the Power of Zero.
  • Infinity to the Power of Zero.
  • One to the Power of Infinity.

What is an intermediate form?

An intermediate source form is an internal form of a program created by the compiler while translating the program from a high-level language to assembly-level or machine-level code. An intermediate source form, represents a more attractive form of target code than does assembly or machine code.

What is the synonym of indeterminate?

undetermined, undefined, unspecified, unfixed, unsettled, indefinite, unknown, uncounted, uncertain, unpredictable. known. 2’indeterminate background noise’ vague, indefinite, unspecific, unclear, obscure, nebulous, indistinct, some kind of. ambiguous, ambivalent, equivocal.

How to solve indeterminate forms?


  • Applying Common Denominators
  • Using Conjugate Pairs
  • Working With Trig Identities
  • What is indeterminate form calculus?

    – f / g {\\displaystyle f/g} approaches + ∞ {\\displaystyle +\\infty } – f / g {\\displaystyle f/g} approaches − ∞ {\\displaystyle -\\infty } – The limit fails to exist.

    How to solve indeterminate limits?

    Limits involving infinity: {∞/∞},{∞ – ∞}.

  • Exponential indeterminate forms: ∞ 0,0 0,1 ∞
  • Zeros types: {0/0} or {0*∞).
  • Is 1 to the Infinity indeterminate?

    This limit shown above is the simplest indeterminate form 1 to the infinity. However, it is not always the case that this form always tends to 1, or even a finite value for that matter! It all depends on the rate the base and exponent tend to 1 and infinity respectively.

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