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How long does HSBC recruitment process take?

How long does HSBC recruitment process take?

11 answers It’s about a 30 day process. There are 3 sets of interviews and assessment test that you have to score 80% or more to be considered. I interviewed during an open job fair in 2005 and received a job offer within a week. It took about 4 months after I applied.

What is the recruitment process of HSBC?

Candidates for roles at HSBC will usually be taken through a number of steps, from submitting their CV and completing online assessments to telephone and face-to-face interviews. We aim for an inclusive work environment where everyone can reach their full potential.

How do I prepare for HSBC online assessment?

Before the Super Day you should do some thorough research into HSBC and the business area you are applying to. Think carefully about why you want the job and prepare some examples demonstrating relevant achievements. Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with HSBC.

Is it good to work for HSBC?

Good company, would recommend to others Worked in compliance. Lots of management changes but overall work is interesting and management approachable. Lots of opportunities in other HSBC sites and benefits/work life balance is average to better than average.

How long does it take to get an offer letter from HSBC?

As far as I know it takes HR atleast 3 weeks to roll out the offer, once they get positive confirmation from the hiring manager (or the person you will most likely report to on the job). So, do not worry. That said it’s best to keep following up with both HR and the hiring manager/ someone who interviewed you.

Is HSBC a good company to work for?

Working with HSBC is like having fun and getting the work done at the same time. Great management with high lever of understanding, positive and approachable people. HSBC is well equipped with various learning courses and competitive environment that would help in the career growth. Overall a happy place to work.


HSBC Electronic Data Processing (India) Pvt Ltd, the business process outsourcing arm of HSBC group, expects to start its second unit in Visakhapatnam by June.

How long is the HSBC test?

50 minutes
The HSBC Online Immersive Assessment test will take 50 minutes to complete. In this time, you will be required to complete 38 questions in total, this is comprised of the following: 22 Situational Judgement style questions.

What is HSBC online assessment test?

HSBC Immersive Online Assessment HSBC’s Immersive Online Assessment is comprised of three psychometric tests and aims to assess your cognitive ability, behavioural traits and subsequent suitability for the job role. All three tests are provided by Cappfinity.

Does HSBC Give joining bonus?

Bonus are not part of your offer. But on an average, they payout 5% to 10% as a bonus.

How do I apply for a job with HSBC?

You can take both the HSBC online immersive assessment and the job simulation within a set period, outlined in your email invitation. The next stage of the HSBC recruitment process is a job interview. This generally takes the form of an HSBC telephone interview.

What is the job description of HSBC?

HSBC is a British-Hong Kong holding company. It offers financial and banking services. And, has its headquarters in London. It is the largest bank in Europe. Jobs at HSBC are sort after and many professionals and graduates who aspire to work in the banking sector apply to HSBC.

Who is the CEO of Teach First?

Russell joined Teach First as CEO in September 2017, building on more than 15 years developing and promoting leadership in schools. Prior to joining Teach First, Russell was General Secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) and before that worked as a management consultant, helping found Hay Group’s education practice.

Does HSBC use aptitude tests for job applications?

So that they can sift through all of the job applications they receive, HSBC uses online aptitude tests. They assess applicants based on their performance on these tests. If you wish to stand out from your competition you need to bring your A-game to every step of the HSBC recruitment process.

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