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How many missions are there in Saints Row 3?

How many missions are there in Saints Row 3?

47 missions
The Statistics and the Save/Load Menus state that there are 47 missions in Saints Row: The Third. This count includes 14 compulsory activities, 4 cutscenes, 4 strongholds, and both instances of Three Way.

How do you get the stag outfit in sr3 remastered?

Showcasing the STAG outfit you unlock after beating the final mission ‘STAG Film’ (Kill Killbane ending). Shame about the helmet colour but still my favourite outfit just like in the original.

Who is the senator in Saints Row 3?

Monica Hughes
Monica Hughes is the secondary antagonist of Saints Row: The Third. She is a United States senator and widowed wife of Richard Hughes – the main antagonist of Saints Row.

What is the last mission in Saints Row 3?

You’ll get this one after stopping the zombies in Zombie Attack and beating Killbane in MurderBrawl XXXI.

How do you get the SWAT outfit in Saints Row The Third?

In Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV SWAT uniforms are available for regular gang members via Gang Customization. They are Option 2 under the Cops style, which is unlocked after completing all the Kinzie’s Snatch activities. Their appearance is identical to the SWAT Team homies.

What happened to the Daedalus in Saints Row 4?

As the “Save Shaundi ” ending is confirmed to be the official ending of Saints Row: The Third,, and Saints Row IV continues from this ending, STAG never got the chance to use the Daedalus against the Saints in this Timeline, so it is unclear what became of it.

Is there a model of the Daedalus in the white crib?

There is a miniature model of the Daedalus present in the White Crib in ” The Saints Wing “.

Is the restricted area around the Saints HQ reenabled?

The Restricted Area around the Saints HQ has not been reenabled. There is a 5 Star one around the Thermopoly though. Has something to do with the model. -the drawbridges are up.

How do you get the Daedalus in Steelport?

The Daedalus part of the finale mission “STAG Film”, which is only available if the “Eliminate Killbane” option is taken during “Three Way”. Prior to this, Cyrus Temple brings it up various times with Monica Hughes, asking her to authorize the use of the Daedalus in Steelport.

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