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How much are Cedar Point tickets at Discount Drug Mart?

How much are Cedar Point tickets at Discount Drug Mart?

Buy Discount Cedar Point Discount tickets at Drug Mart. Store locations sell admission tickets starting at $55. A ticket from Drug Mart must be purchased in the store.

Is Cedar Point nice?

Cedar Point is a great park — it’s clean, staff seemed well trained, and of course the thrill rides were amazing. We went on a weekday and got there just before it officially opened and all day most of the lines weren’t bad. Be prepared to pay way too much for food. I recommend going for two days if you can.

Does Cedar Point have shuttles?

Visit the incredible and exhilarating Cedar Point Amusement Park as a family or small group by reserving one of our shared ride vans for the trip. Enjoy the comfort and privacy of one of our private vans and show up to the nostalgic Merry-Go-Round Museum for a blast to the past.

How many roller coasters does Cedar Point have?

From 17 world-class roller coasters to three areas filled with rides and attractions for kids and families, Cedar Point is your ultimate destination for fun.

What age is free at Cedar Point?

Children ages 2 and under are free. Children ages 3–5 receive free admission if you register them for a Pre-K Pass (more details on how to do this are below). Cedar Point Shores water park requires a separate ticket.

Is 1 day enough for Cedar Point?

Spend More Than One Day at the Park Unlike most amusement parks, you can’t experience everything at Cedar Point in a single day. That’s why one of the top Cedar Point tips is to make a vacation out of it! Spend at least two days at the park, experiencing all there is to do and see.

Can you bring food to Cedar Point?

To be clear, Cedar Point doesn’t allow outside food to be brought into the park. According to Cedar Point’s website, “individual, unopened water bottles, as well as special diet/need items, may be brought into the park.” Cedar Point does offer a large picnic area just outside the front gate.

Has anyone ever died on a roller coaster at Cedar Point?

Serious injuries and deaths are rare at Cedar Point, particularly those by non-natural causes. The park’s first death from non-natural causes occurred in 2015, when a visitor jumped a fence to retrieve a cell phone and was hit by an oncoming roller coaster.

How many deaths happened at Cedar Point?

In 1989, two boys leaped out of the Logger’s Run ride, also at California’s Great America. One of the boys died. Certainly, blame cannot be leveled at the park for this incident. Unfortunately, the naïveté of young and foolishly adventurous boys was responsible for this tragic event.

Are Sundays busy at Cedar Point?

The event usually draws big crowds on weekends throughout the month, so if you have to go during this time, Sundays are again the least crowded days. That covers the park’s operating season of crowd levels.

How do I get a AAA discount at Cedar Point?

AAA Cedar Point tickets can be secured by contacting your local AAA office. The discount on single-day tickets can be up to 30%. The availability depends on your region and isn’t available in California currently. 14.

How much are tickets for Cedar Point 2019?

Tickets are $73.00 (2019) for general admission and available from Cedar Point online, by mail, phone, or in-person at the attraction’s onsite ticket office. However, to avoid paying full price, several discounts are available, both from the park itself and from other area retailers.

How many rides does Cedar Point have?

Check out everything Cedar Point has to offer — after all, Cedar Point wasn’t voted the Best Amusement Park in the World for nothing. This amazing thrill park features 72 world-class rides. Save on Cedar Point and other attraction tickets with Ticket Monster.

Which Cedar Point resorts offer discounts?

Vlastula/Flickr/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. Guests of Cedar Point’s resort hotels (the Hotel Breakers, Lighthouse Point, Breakers Express, and Castaway Bay Resort) are eligible for a substantial discount on daily park admission or special stay packages that include park tickets.

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