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How much does a hammered dulcimer cost?

How much does a hammered dulcimer cost?

How much do hammered dulcimers cost? We make our dulcimers in a wide range of prices – from about $700 up to around $4,300. The main factors that affect the price are the materials (solid wood vs. laminated wood), the size/range, and the complexity of the design.

Where can I sell a hammered dulcimer?

Selling your instrument

  • Make an announcement on the hammered dulcimer bulletin board.
  • Reverb.
  • Craigslist.
  • Ebay.
  • Facebook Hammered Dulcimer Group.

Why is it called a hammered dulcimer?

In England it was so popular during the late 16th century that the translators of the King James version of the Bible used the term “dulcimer” as the English translation for the Greek “symphonia.” This term was actually a mistranslation for a type of Greek bagpipe that gave rise to the often quoted, but incorrect.

Who plays the hammered dulcimer?

The dulcimer in the soundtrack is a D650 played by Garrett Viggers. (Music by Sam Stewart.) Fun story that Garrett told us: His D25 is the one pictured in the movie.

What hammered dulcimer should I buy?

13 Best Hammered Dulcimer & Santoor Reviews

  • Master Works “Sapelli Pioneer Package” 15-14 Hammer Dulcimer – Natural.
  • Musicmakers 17/16 Hammered Dulcimer.
  • Persian Professional Sadeghi Goldar Santoor, Dulcimer with Hard Case.
  • Master Works “Pioneer Package” 15-14 Hammered Dulcimer.

How do you pick a hammered dulcimer?

Choosing a hammered dulcimer of your own

  1. size.
  2. weight.
  3. spacing between string courses (I think you can adapt to any spacing, really, though.)
  4. pitch range, which can vary from 2 1/2 octaves to 5 1/2 octaves.
  5. loudness.
  6. stability (how well it will stay in tune)
  7. whether it has extra chromatic notes.

What is the difference between a zither and a dulcimer?

is that zither is a musical instrument consisting of a flat sounding box with numerous strings, placed on a horizontal surface, and played with a plectrum and fingertips; similar to a dulcimer in the norwegian harpeleik and swedish cittra versions, the instrument is considered a chorded zither and usually has 7 ( …

How do I buy a dulcimer?

Finding and buying a mountain dulcimer is a matter of looking and listening carefully: ask around, listen to various players. Look for a solid wood instrument; ask about its finish, request geared tuners, check its action, and sight down the top of the fingerboard to make sure its dead flat.

Is a hammered dulcimer a zither?

Both have strings stretched across a neckless soundbox, which identifies them in certain classification schemes as belonging to the zither form. The plucked dulcimer relies on the shortening (fretting or stopping) of strings to produce many pitches with one or few strings.

What kind of dulcimer did Rich Mullins use?

Ragamuffin is a recent movie about the life of popular Christian musician Rich Mullins, who played a Dusty D25 and was responsible for inspiring a lot of other dulcimer players.

How do I choose a hammered dulcimer?

The quality of sound and the amount of sustain you desire in a hammered dulcimer is influence by the range, size and material choices. The smaller instruments will have less bass response and sound brighter, while the larger instruments support more bass end and more volume.

What wood are dulcimer hammers made of?

This pair of heart shaped wooden dulcimer hammers are made from walnut with lacewood accents. There are le… This pair of heart shaped wooden dulcimer hammers are made from rosewood with lacewood accents. There are l… American Dulcimer Hammers, Plain, Pair.

How much does a Phoebe dulcimer cost?

The Phoebe is a 16/15 dulcimer made by Chris and Melanie Foss. Top and back are baltic birch laminate. Bridges are walnut and end rails are cherry. It sells for just $449. Case adds $75. Complete package price is $574, and includes dulcimer, stand, tuning wrench, case, hammers and a beginner book.

What is the best dulcimer ever recorded?

Steve’s recording Momentum done with guitarist Paul Oorts is one of the finest dulcimer recordings out there. Steve plays a 3/16/18/8 Custom Performance with a Redwood soundboard and dampers.

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