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How much does an AMC Gremlin cost?

How much does an AMC Gremlin cost?

The car was available as a “base” two-passenger version with no rear seat and a fixed rear window, at a suggested retail price of $1,879, and as a four-seat hatchback with an opening rear window, at $1,959 (US$13,055 in 2020 dollars).

Are Gremlins good cars?

AMC Gremlin: Not a Terrible Car While it’s easy to dismiss the Gremlin as a bad car, history tells us otherwise. Cheap and simple as its design may have been, the Gremlin was the right car for a changing market, and it served both American Motors Corporation and its buyers very, very well.

Did the Gremlin come with a V8?

The Gremlin was never really a muscle car though. Yes, it was rear-wheel drive, but it only ever got a weak 5.0-litre V8 making around 150bhp, and that didn’t even come out until a few years later. The Gremlin’s claim to fame was its styling, which was more polarising than a trip to Antarctica.

Why did AMC name a car Gremlin?

Funny-looking and developed on the cheap, the Gremlin was pure corporate brilliance. Few cars have more ignoble roots than the AMC Gremlin. It was named for the mythical creatures said to be responsible for crashing airplanes and breaking machinery. It was introduced to the public on April Fool’s Day.

How much is a 1974 Gremlin worth?

AMC Gremlin (1970 to 1978)

1976 Amc Gremlin 117,473 mi · Automatic · LHD · Restored-Original Greene County, PA, USA $1,300 SOLD
1971 Amc Gremlin Manual · LHD · Highly Original Chicago, IL, USA $2,750 SOLD
1974 Amc Gremlin X 50,000 mi · Automatic · LHD · Highly Original Orlando, FL, USA $28,600 SOLD

Do Gremlin cars explode?

The Ford Pinto was infamous for the gas tank exploding in rear end collisions. The first reason why the AMC Gremlin didn’t suck is context. The Gremlin competed with the Chevy Vega and Ford Pinto, the latter which was known for literally exploding. Plus, the Gremlin beat both of these cars to the market.

Is the Gremlin a muscle car?

Although not being a muscle car, the AMC Gremlin (also American Motors Gremlin) is an American subcompact automobile introduced in 1970 engineered and manufactured and marketed in a single, two-door body style in America (1970-1978) by American Motors Corporation (AMC) — as well as in Mexico (1974-1978) by AMC’s …

How much does a Gremlin car cost?

Q: What is the average sale price of a AMC Gremlin? A: The average price of a AMC Gremlin is $15,203.

What was the fastest AMC Gremlin?

10 Of The Fastest AMC Muscle Cars

  • 10 AMC Gremlin 401-XR: 8.5 Seconds.
  • 9 1957 AMC Rambler Rebel: 7.5 Seconds.
  • 8 AMC Marlin 343: 7.0 Seconds.
  • 7 1970 AMC Rebel Machine: 6.8 Seconds.
  • 6 1968 AMC Javelin SST V8: 6.6 Seconds.
  • 5 1979 AMC Spirit AMX: 6.6 Seconds.
  • 4 1969 AMC AMX 390: 6.56 Seconds.
  • 3 AMC Matador: 6.5 Seconds.

What is the Gremlin X?

It’s the ad where a crossing guard is holding up traffic in the rain. The “Gremlin X” was purple with the gold strips, and, curiously, it had BOTH the cloth-folding sunroof AND a luggage rack! Um HUH?!

Does the Gremlin X have a sunroof and a luggage rack?

The “Gremlin X” was purple with the gold strips, and, curiously, it had BOTH the cloth-folding sunroof AND a luggage rack! Um HUH?! WHY would ANYONE put heavy suitcases on a fragile cloth roof?

What is a 1971 AMC Gremlin X?

Looking to capitalize on this capability, AMC debuted the Gremlin X for 1971, and was quick to point out that the car offered more than a stripe package and revised badging. In addition to a larger engine, Gremlin X buyers got wider standard tires than the competition, mounted on revised slot-style wheels.

What is the Gremlin built on?

To speed up development time (and reduce development costs), the Gremlin was built on a shortened and modified Hornet platform, borrowing heavily from the corporate parts bin.

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