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How much does it cost to play Arrowhead?

How much does it cost to play Arrowhead?

Guest Fees

November – April 30 9 Holes 18 Holes
Before 1:00 PM $45 $85
After 1:00 PM $45 $45

Who is the owner of Arrowhead Golf Course?

Tim Miskell – Owner – Lake Arrowhead Country Club Golf Shop | LinkedIn.

How much does it cost to play Arrowhead in Colorado?

Resident I.D. must be provided during payment.*

9-Holes 18-Holes
Weekdays $23.50 $47.00
Weekends, Holidays†† $26.00 $52.00
Juniors & Seniors† $20.00 $37.00

What golf course was on Space Jam?

Lake Arrowhead Country Club
Lake Arrowhead Country Club.

What golf course Did Michael Jordan play in Space Jam?

It’s not really the highlight of the movie considering that he strikes out but it’s filmed right here at home. The second spot is the “Birmingham Pines Country Club.” No, it’s not a real golf course, but Birmingham got a little name recognition. After all, Jordan loved playing golf.

What are arrow heads made from?

Most arrowheads were made from various stones such as flints, obsidian, and chert; however, wooden and metallic ones have also been found. Native Americans made arrowheads using a chipping process called flint knapping.

How much is Lely golf membership?

Lely Membership Fees for The Classics (Private)

Golf Membership Initiation Fee: $40,000 (non-transferrable)
Annual Golf Dues: $11,304
Social Membership Initiation Fee: $1,500
Annual Social Membership Dues: $685

Where did they film Space Jam golf scene?

Home – Lake Arrowhead Country Club.

Did Michael Jordan live in Greystone?

Jordan lived along Greystone Golf & Country Club in Hoover, the Birmingham suburb where the Barons play.

Where was Space Jam golf scene filmed?

Are arrowheads worth money?

Since they are so common, you won’t be able to sell a typical arrowhead for much. However, some arrowheads are worth much more than others. An arrowhead can be worth $20,000 in the best cases, even though it might only be worth $5, and an average arrowhead is only worth about $20.

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