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How much does keratoconus treatment cost in India?

How much does keratoconus treatment cost in India?

Acquiring a cornea, keratoplasty and hospitalisation cost up to Rs 40,000. A one-hour surgery, keratoplasty has a 95 per cent success rate.

Can C3R improve vision?

While C3R treatment generally does not lead to significant improvement in the inherent vision of the eye, however, as the corneal curvature flattens and the surface stabilizes, the best corrected visual acuity with spectacles and contact lenses improves.

Is C3R permanent?

What are the advantages of C3R surgery? One of the main benefits of Corneal Collagen Crosslinking, which has demonstrated long-term stability, is that it is a less invasive treatment as compared to corneal transplants. Apart from this, it is a permanent treatment.

Is C3R a cosmetic surgery?

This is popularly known as C3R or CXL which is a new therapeutic non-surgical treatment with a much higher success rate than conventional treatments. In this procedure, your surgeon uses riboflavin drops and exposes the eye to controlled ultraviolet radiation which makes the cornea stronger, and helps flatten it.

What is C3R surgery?

What is C3R? C3R eye surgery is a non-invasive treatment for Keratoconus in which the corneal tissues are strengthened to stabilise the vision in the early stages of the condition. C3R involves one-time application of riboflavin drops to the eyes. Riboflavin is activated with exposure to UV rays.

What should I do after C3R?

After the treatment, antibiotic eye drops are applied; a bandage contact lens may be applied, which will be removed by our doctor during the follow up visit. Protective eye wear, such as sunglasses (also given by us) is to be worn for a few days until complete healing takes place.

What is the success rate of C3R?

In over 53% of those eyes there was a slight reversal and flattening of the keratoconus by up to 2.87 diopters. Best corrected vision improved by 1.4 lines. This technique has shown great promise in treating early cases of the disease.

How long does C3R last?

Analgesics for relief from pain will be prescribed , and the pain usually subsides within 24 hours. Dryness of the eyes frequently follows this treatment and may last for 6 to 8 months. Tear lubricants are therefore recommended for the period.

How many days rest after C3R?

The treated eye is usually painful for 3 to 5 days, however levels of discomfort vary from patient to patient. Recovery time is about one week although most patients may find that it may be slightly longer.

Can we do Lasik after C3R?

This abnormal bulging of the cornea may then be stopped by ‘C3R’ or what is called Collagen Cross-Linking. The importance of cornea screening is to detect sub-clinical or hidden Keratoconus, and reject these cases so that the rest of the eyes undergoing LASIK treatment are safe.

Is C3R a laser surgery?

Why C3R surgery is done?

Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking with Riboflavin (also abbreviated as C3R) is a non-invasive corneal treatment shown to slow the progression of keratoconus. It does so by increasing the strength of corneal tissue. Undergoing C3R in the early stages may help stabilize vision.

What is the cost of a C3R procedure in India?

I underwent C3R in AIIMS, Delhi. For each eye the cost was 8000 INR. The bandage lens costs somewhere around 250INR. in Private hospitals, the cost can vary from 12,000 INR to 20,000 INR for each eye. Hope this helps. If you are going for C3R, wish you all the very best. Be brave and things will be fine soon. Thank you!

What is C3R eye treatment for keratoconus?

A successful C3R eye treatment has proved its potency in stalling the progression of keratoconus. The first step involves anaesthetising the cornea with the help of eye drops. The procedure is conducted in the clinic in a semi-reclined chair.

What is the cost of C3R in AIIMS Delhi?

I underwent C3R in AIIMS, Delhi. For each eye the cost was 8000 INR. The bandage lens costs somewhere around 250INR. in Private hospitals, the cost can vary from 12,000 INR to 20,000 INR for each eye. Hope this helps.

What is the best treatment for C3R procedure?

This method is preferred by Dr Anand Shroff. The transepithelial approach was only to combat the discomfort that lasts for a day or so, but with the flipside that the C3R procedure effectiveness was reduced, healing was uneven. To handle the discomfort, we will give you tablets/ eye drops and use a bandage contact lens to cover the treated area.

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