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How much is the Sundance Documentary Fund grant?

How much is the Sundance Documentary Fund grant?

Sundance Institute’s Documentary Film Program has set its latest cohort of 20 films receiving Documentary Fund Grants, doling out a total of $600,000 in unrestricted support to projects in varying stages of production and distribution, including eight in development, eight in production, three in post-production, and …

How do I fund my documentary?

10 Documentary Funding Ideas

  1. Self-Funding. Savings, credit cards, personal loans and 401K’s.
  2. Friends and Family. This documentary funding idea is a very real option for many first-time filmmakers.
  3. Email or Text Campaign.
  4. Wealthy Individuals.
  5. Get THAT Person Talking.
  6. Filmmaking Grants.
  7. Crowdfunding.
  8. Special Events.

How do documentary movies make money?

My Top 10 Tips For Making A Living With Documentary Filmmaking

  1. Make the commitment.
  2. Become a great fundraiser (or hire one)
  3. Learn DIY Distribution.
  4. Monetize Old Projects.
  5. Pay Yourself.
  6. Work with Established Production Companies.
  7. Learn production skills.
  8. Be Flexible.

How do I sell my documentary film?

5 Tips for Selling Your Indie Documentary

  1. From day one, Know your audience and build awareness.
  2. Apply for a doc grant or program, and/or attach a notable executive producer.
  3. Get a sales agent.
  4. Find the Festival where you can stand out.
  5. Go with the distributor you can trust.

How much does documentary post-production cost?

As a rule of thumb, a lot of producers assume that a finished corporate production or high-quality YouTube video will cost about $1,000 per finished minute of footage. From there, you can extrapolate the final cost based on length. A 60-minute documentary will therefore cost $60,000.

How real is the reality in documentary film?

The essential claim that traditional documentary films make is that there’s unmediated truth here because this was not scripted – because the materials are “found in nature” – thus, the text built out of them is truthful as well. That truth claim is still at the center of most documentary work.

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