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How much is the ticket for FasTrak?

How much is the ticket for FasTrak?

First notice issued: toll plus $25 penalty. Second (delinquent) notice issued: toll plus $70 ($25 penalty plus $45 late fee). If the toll is paid within 15 days, the penalty is reduced to $25.

How do I pay my FasTrak ticket?

How do I pay my violation penalty?

  1. By credit card, either online or by phone.
  2. By check or money order (made out to “Bay Area FasTrak”) via US mail.
  3. With cash at one of hundreds of local cash payment locations. Find locations.
  4. At the in-person counter at the FasTrak Customer Service Center.

Why do I have a penalty on FasTrak?

Failure to pay the established bridge or express lane toll is a violation of California’s toll evasion statutes. Toll evasion violations will be enforced. If you drive through a toll location prior to January 2021 without a valid FasTrak toll tag or without paying the toll, you will receive a notice of toll evasion.

How much does FasTrak cost in California?

There are no fees to open or to maintain a FasTrak account, regardless of the type of toll tag you use. Think of your FasTrak account as a little bank account for tolls. Your account must always have a balance, and tolls will be automatically deducted from your balance each time a toll is collected.

How much is a FasTrak ticket in California?

If you use an express lane without a valid FasTrak toll tag, you will receive a violation notice. The following is a schedule of toll evasion penalties: First notice issued: $25 penalty. Second (delinquent) notice issued: $70 ($25 penalty plus $45 late fee).

How much is a toll violation in California?

Each violation transaction is assessed a $57.50 penalty in addition to the toll amount due. If the registered owner has no previous violations, the penalties will be waived. This is a courtesy for first time violators only.

What happens if you don’t pay toll violation in California?

If you don’t pay the toll within five days, you will receive a ticket in the mail demanding a $57.50 penalty, plus the cost of the unpaid toll. If you don’t respond to the violation notice, the penalty will increase to $100, plus the original unpaid toll.

How much does FasTrak cost 91?

Before you jump for joy over saving some time on the freeway, make sure to get that FasTrak transponder ready. Charges for using the toll lanes — which will be displayed on electronic message boards — will range from $1.80 to $4.95 based on time of day and how heavy traffic is flowing.

How much is FasTrak California?

How much are the Fastrack tickets?

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Can I buy Fastrack tickets on the day?

Can I buy Fastrack tickets at Alton Towers Resort? All Fastracks are subject to availability and are available on a first come, first serve basis, so book online to avoid disappointment. Book your packages in advance to plan your theme park day out.

How much does a FasTrak pass cost?

With FasTrak, there is a $2 minimum fee that is charged to the card every month for the transponder; however, if you pay at least $25 in tolls, the fee will be waived. The price of FasTrak will depend on what roads you are going to take throughout the month.

How to cancel FasTrak?

How to cancel. FasTrak. To cancel your FasTrak account: Select Lost under New Status and CONTINUE to deactive the toll tag (s). It will no longer be able to pay tolls. (after you deactivate your toll tag FasTrak will deduct a $20 security deposit for each toll tag (s) from your account. FasTrak will return this amount to your account balance

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