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How much snow does Stevens Pass get?

How much snow does Stevens Pass get?

Snowfall & Terrain Stevens averages 460″ of snowfall each year, 105″ of annual average snowpack, covering 1,125 acres of skiable terrain, including 52 major runs and numerous bowls, glades and faces.

Is Stevens Pass better than Snoqualmie?

The Stevens Pass base is higher up than the Summit at Snoqualmie base, so it tends to be colder, which in this area, usually means better conditions.

Does Stevens Pass close in the winter?

These dates are subject to change at Stevens Pass’s discretion based on weather and snowfall….Opening and Closing Dates. Stevens PassClosed.

Season Opening Closing
19/20 Dec 18 2019 Mar 15 2020
18/19 Nov 21 2018 Apr 14 2019
17/18 Nov 17 2017 Apr 22 2018

Does Stevens Pass have snow tubing?

WINTER ACTIVITIES Stevens Pass is offering a snow play area near Stevens Pass Mountain Resort. There is a dedicated FREE sled/tube area at the Nordic Center and Snow Play Area located six miles east of Stevens Pass summit on US Highway 2.

Is Stevens Pass or Crystal Mountain better?

Crystal is larger, and has a considerably larger supply of challenging terrain with a lot of variety (open steeps, trees, etc.). It’s also at a higher elevation: the base is a only a little higher, but the top of Crystal (at just over 7,000 feet) is over a thousand feet higher than Stevens’ summit.

Do I need chains for Stevens Pass?

Driving Safety & Tips We strongly recommend that vehicles driving up to Stevens Pass are outfitted with Snow/Winter tires, or at least All Season tires. We also encourage all drivers to carry tire chains.

What ski resort has the best snow?

Best Snow in North America

Resort Snowfall Score
1 Alta UT 96.1
2 Snowbird UT 90.0
3 Brighton UT 92.4
4 Powder King BC 92.3

Is it safe to drive through Stevens Pass?

Driving Over the Pass Snoqualmie and Stevens pass are very popular, which means that there is a high priority in keeping the passes safe for travelers. If the pass is open, the pass is safe to drive over. Just as long as you follow the requirements of the road.

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