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How old is the Guenther House in San Antonio?

How old is the Guenther House in San Antonio?

The National Register of Historic Places-listed Carl Hilmar Guenther House was originally constructed in 1859, making it one of the oldest houses in the King William neighborhood.

Who owns the Guenther House?

PPC Partners
Pritzker Group formed PPC Partners on Monday to buy Guenther and other “middle-market companies.” The deal ends 166 years of family ownership at Guenther, which has become a fixture in the King William Historic District and is one of San Antonio’s oldest companies.

Where and what type of business did Carl Guenther start?

Carl Hilmar Guenther established a mill on the Texas frontier in 1851 that grew into one of the largest food processing companies in the nation, producing well-known flour brands such as Pioneer and White Wings, home baking products under the Morrison Mills name, and Sun-Bird and Williams prepared foods.

What did the Guenther family do?

Guenther replaced millstones with steel rolls to grind grain. Waterwheels gave way to electricity as a source of power. Building expansions took place over the years and Guenther’s Mill was renamed Pioneer Flour Mills in 1898. In 1902 Erhard Guenther, Hilmar’s youngest son, became president of Pioneer Flour Mills.

In what mission can you find the oldest flour mill in Texas?

Outside the north wall of Mission San José, next to the acequia that supplies its power, stands a gristmill. Built around 1794, this mill was the only water-powered mill in the area during the Spanish colonial period.

Is the name Guenther German?

German (Günther): from a Germanic personal name composed of gund ‘battle’ + hari, heri ‘army’.

When did Carl Gunther start his business?

Since the Guenther family first opened for business in 1851, we have been making purposeful advancements to grow our company and ensure our partners’ success.

What ethnicity is the name Gunter?

German (also Gunther, Günt(h)er) and English: from the Germanic personal name Gunter (Old French Gontier), composed of the elements gund ‘battle’ + hari, heri ‘army’.

What does the name Guenther mean?

German (Günther): from a Germanic personal name composed of gund ‘battle’ + hari, heri ‘army’. Similar surnames: Gunter, Guentner, Guenthner, Genther, Grether, Bueter, Roether.

What is the Pioneer Building in San Antonio?

Pioneer Flour Mills was initially founded as the C.H. Guenther Mill by Carl Hilmar Guenther, a millwright who immigrated to the United States from Germany in the late 1840s. Guenther built his first mill in 1851 in Fredericksburg and later relocated it one mile south of San Antonio in 1859.

What is Pioneer flour?

Since 1851, Pioneer has proudly milled our own flour, resulting in the finest baking mixes available. Our Biscuit and Baking mixes are perfect for both professional and at-home bakers. Easy-to-prepare and delicious, Pioneer mixes taste like they’ve been made from scratch but without the hours of effort.

What nationality is Gunter?

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