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How old is the Warner Theater in Erie PA?

How old is the Warner Theater in Erie PA?

91c. 1931
Warner Theatre/Age

When was the Warner Theater in Erie PA built?

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Who owns the Warner Theatre in Erie pa?

Erie County Convention Center Authority
The Warner’s Grand Lobby has capacity for up to 500 persons for a reception….Warner Theatre (Erie, Pennsylvania)

Owner Erie County Convention Center Authority
Type Movie palace
Capacity 2,250
Opened April 10, 1931

Who owns the Warner Theatre?

CBRE Global Investors
Warner Theatre is a theatre located at 513 13th Street, N.W. in downtown Washington, D.C. The theatre is attached to an office building called the Warner Building located on 1299 Pennsylvania Avenue….Warner Theatre (Washington, D.C.)

Owner CBRE Global Investors
Operator Live Nation
Capacity 1,847
Current use Music venue

How many lights illuminated the 10 ton marquee that announced the feature film on the Warner’s opening night in 1929?

8,000 colored lights
When the Warner Theatre opened its doors April 10, 1931, more than 8,000 colored lights illuminated the 10-ton marquee that announced the feature film of the opening evening, “The Millionaire” starring George Arliss with James Cagney.

How old is Warner?

98c. 1924

How many people does the Warner Theater seat in DC?

Warner Theatre/Capacity

When were palaces built?

A movie palace (or picture palace in the United Kingdom) is any of the large, elaborately decorated movie theaters built between the 1910s and the 1940s.

What is considered to be the most famous movie palace left standing in the United States?

The first Art Deco palace was designed in 1930 by Marcus Priteca. It was the Hollywood Pantages at Hollywood and Vine in Los Angeles. While many others were built, without a doubt, the most famous Art Deco theater, and undeniably the most famous existing movie palace in the world, is Radio City Music Hall.

How old is the Warner Theater DC?

What was the purpose of the picture palace?

An object of nostalgia and community pride, the preserved picture palace (like the Grand Lake Theatre in Oakland, California) was usually not reopened as a movie theater; instead, it was restored to serve primarily as a multi-use community theater and venue for high-culture performances.

What is the oldest movie theater in the United States?

the Washington Iowa State Theatre
The oldest continuously operating cinema theatre is the Washington Iowa State Theatre (USA) in Washington, Iowa, USA, which opened on 14 May 1897, and as of 26 January 2022 has been in continuous operation for 124 years, 257 days.

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