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How to Write a Perfect Cover Letter in Six Steps

How to Write a Perfect Cover Letter in Six Steps

We all pay attention to creating the best resume while applying for a job. But most of us never pay attention to creating a perfect cover letter that would complement our resume and make a great ‘first impression’ on the recruiter. Writing a cover letter could be tough for many as most people do not have a clear idea of their strengths.

If you understand how to create a perfect cover letter for yourself, you will be able to showcase your talents and skills and set yourself apart from all other applicants. Here are a few things that you must know about writing cover letters and the super-effective six steps of writing a perfect cover letter.

What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is generally a one-page document that is included with the job application. You must always include a cover letter while applying for a job unless the recruiter has mentioned not to include any cover letter. You may consider the cover letter as a summary of your resume so do not mention anything beyond that.

Why Write a Cover Letter?

The main purpose of writing a cover letter is to introduce yourself impressively to the recruiter. It may also include the type of job that you are applying for and how your skills match with what the recruiter is looking for. You may mention all your skills suitable for the job and if you have any previous experience. Last, but not least, you must always end your cover letter with a ‘Call to Action’. It could be asking for an interview or a meeting.

Six Steps to Writing a Perfect Cover Letter

1. Address your letter to the right person

The best practice is to always address your cover letter to the person who is hiring for the company. If you came to know about the vacancy through a job advertisement, you may mention the name of the person who has given the advertisement. Personalising the cover letter this way makes a better impression than simply writing ‘to whomsoever it may concern’.

2. Grab the attention in just 30-seconds!

The recruiter might receive hundreds of applications every day. So if you want to stand apart from the crowd, you must prepare your cover letter to grab the recruiter’s attention in just 30-seconds. Make sure that your cover letter has an easy to read layout. This means, including bullet points, headings, bold, underlines and lists in your cover letter. Avoid writing in paragraphs as the recruiter might not have the time to read between the lines.

3. Read more about the company

Before writing the letter, you must research the company to know more about its values and mission. For instance, some companies value teamwork while others value time management and communication. Based on the company, you may include these values in your cover letter and make a great impression on the recruiter.

4. Share your experience

If you already have experience of handling a job like the one you are applying for, you must mention that in your cover letter. You may stress your jobs and responsibilities. But what about those who have no job experience at all? Well, if you are a fresher, you may write about your internships or part-time jobs in college and showcase that you are a team player, hard worker etc.

5. Sell your skills

You not only need to mention your experience and skills but showcase them in a manner that impresses the recruiters. This means stressing the fact why you want to work for the organisation specifically. Charlie, an assignment help expert for college students says, you must use strong action verbs to emphasise your talents and confidence. For instance, arranged, transcribed, negotiated, translated, troubleshooting, allocated etc.”

6. Conclude with Power

The closing of your cover letter also plays great importance as many times recruiters focus on the conclusion first. You may reaffirm in a few sentences why you are the best fit for the job. For instance, you may write that “I believe that I am suitable for this job because…”, or “I am confident that…”. Then, you must be specific with your call to action. For instance, you may write that “I hope to speak with you and will call you next week.” “I look forward to discussing more the job and how I can be an asset to the organisation. I will call you this week to schedule a meeting.”

What you must include in your cover letter?

You must clearly put your personal details in the cover letter. This includes your full name, phone number and email address. If you want, you may include your address as well. You must also include the details of the person to whom you are addressing the cover letter. This includes their name, designation, and contact details. Olivia, one of the recruiters at an essay help company in Sydney says, “always start your cover letter with the job title that you are applying for. For example, you may state ‘Regarding Application for Sales Manager’. This makes your subject clear.

Last, but not least, you must always create a different cover letter for every job application based on the company and the position that you are applying for. Do not ever mention any other job applications in your cover letter except the one that you are applying for. Read your letter at least thrice before sending it to the recruiter and make sure that there are no grammatical mistakes and typographical errors. Follow these tips on writing a cover letter and make it easier for you to grab the best job offer!

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