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Is Corokia frost hardy?

Is Corokia frost hardy?

Corokia ‘Frosted Chocolate’ is an evergreen NZ native shrub with chocolate bronze foliage. A very hardy shrub which can be grown in any NZ soil. It thrives well in coastal conditions and is very useful to shelter for strong winds.

Will Corokia grow in shade?

It prefers full sun, but will also do okay in shady positions. Most Corokia are particularly tolerant to windy positions and dry conditions. Salt wind will not bother them, making them a very good choice for coastal plantings.

Is Corokia native to NZ?

This NZ native is a compact shrub covered in early summer with star shaped yellow flowers followed by orange berries in late summer. Corokia are fantastic as a hedging plant with dense easily trimmed foliage, tolerating coastal, exposed situations.

How do you take care of Corokia?

Corokia are low maintenance plants requiring little care throughout growth and maturity. Water moderately during the summer. You should allow your soil to dry up before applying more moisture. Once mature, from spring through to autumn apply an organic fertiliser every 3-4 months.

Why are my Corokia dying?

If you’ve ruled out planting too deep, fertiliser, root teasing or failure to water adequately, then the most likely cause of sudden death in plants is root-rot disease. Root-rot disease is commonly caused by a fungus called Phytophthora which destroys the roots of plants.

How fast do Corokia grow?

This plant is approximately two years old when it reaches the garden centre and over the next two years it will double in size growing to a height of 2 metres by 1 metre if desired.

How tall does Corokia grow?

An evergreen compact native shrub that grows up to 3m tall and 3.5m wide.

Do birds eat Corokia berries?

Corokia come in a range of varieties each with a different look. They all produce flowers and berries, so all are suitable for attracting birds. The Kereru, Bellbird and Tui just love feasting on the nectar from the flowers. Kereru also graze on the young foliage and will strip the tree bare in spring.

How big does Corokia grow?

6ft tall
Growing Corokia C. buddleiodes has an upright habit and can grow up to 6ft tall. Its glossy dark green leaves have a buddleia like appearance. The flowers are yellow in spring and the fruits red-black.

Will a hedge grow back?

All hedges are living things and will grow back if you are careful with your cutting. As long as you have not fundamentally damaged their structure, you can help them recover from being cut back and they should respond well to occasional pruning and trimming.

How do you revive a dying bush?

Water your shrub thoroughly to help with the growth process, and then prune out any lingering dead stems that didn’t sprout new leaves. Saturated soil surrounding your brown shrubs is a sign of overwatering. Let up on the hydration until the soil dries out.

What is frosted chocolate Corokia?

Corokia ‘Frosted Chocolate’ is an evergreen NZ native shrub with chocolate bronze foliage. Late spring to summer small yellow starry flowers appear followed by small red berries in autumn.

What is Corokia X virgata?

Corokia is a small genus containing around 10 species, all of which are shrubs and small trees native to New Zealand or Australia. Corokia x virgata ‘Frosted Chocolate’ is a hybrid variety with bronze-green foliage that turns a rich chocolate colour in winter.

How far apart do you plant Corokia frosted chocolate?

Corokia ‘Frosted Chocolate’ can be clipped to a small or high hedge or be planted as a shrub in a mixed border. All Corokia are suitable for hedging. The spacing will depend on the height you require. For a low hedge of between 50cm – 1m we recommend you plant them 30cm apart.

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