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Is electro voice a good brand?

Is electro voice a good brand?

Electro-Voice is one of the few pro audio companies to design all components in-house – enclosures, waveguides, drivers – ensuring excellent quality for every application and their impressive track record of patents proves the point.

How do you connect Electro Voice speakers?

Push the MASTER VOL knob to select PAIRING. with a Bluetooth® device. The loudspeaker appears as EV ZLX BT on your mobile device. After pairing your mobile device with the system, you can set the volume for your streaming device.

Who makes electro voice?

Robert Bosch GmbH

Founded 1930
Founders Lou Burroughs, Albert R. Kahn
Headquarters Burnsville, Minnesota, United States
Products Pro audio, microphones, speakers, sound equipment
Owner Telex Communications (Robert Bosch GmbH)

Where are Electro-Voice speakers manufactured?

The company remained at the facility for almost 60 years. EV manufacturing in Buchanan, Michigan.

How do you connect a powered subwoofer to a passive speaker?

The first, most effortless way of joining the powered subwoofers with passive speakers is using a stereo RCA. Sometimes speakers don’t have the LFE connections. In that case, you have to use the RCA connection. RCA connection is the point of connecting any audio video device with your speakers.

Where are EV mics made?

Where are electro voice speakers made?

the USA
Portable Speakers Each member of the award-winning Electro-Voice portable loudspeaker family is designed and engineered in the USA to deliver best-in-class performance across every detail.

What is a passive speaker?

What are passive speakers? You use them with speaker cables and an amplifier. Passive speakers work using an amplified signal. If the speaker has more than one driver (such as a mid/bass unit and a tweeter), the signal gets split into those low and high frequencies in a circuit called a crossover.

What is the Electro-Voice elx115p?

Pushing 1000 watts through a superbly voiced 2-way system, the Electro-Voice ELX115P is an outstanding powered speaker to fit into any live setup. Part of the Live X series, the ELX115P has been specifically designed for maximum musicality and quality with an array of features for easy integration and use.

How many decibels is the elx115p?

Build a powerful, portable PA rig around the ELX115P 1000-watt powered speaker. Its 15-inch woofer dishes out rich, deep lows and up to 134 dB max SPL.

Are Electro-Voice Live X speakers any good?

The Electro-Voice Live X family of powered and passive speakers is new to the market, and includes dedicated subwoofers. I evaluated a pair of the ELX115P 15-inch self-powered models and enjoyed the time I spent with them. Electro-Voice’s marketing pitch touts Live X as “clean, powerful, and musical” and I wanted to put that claim to the test.

Should I replace my ELX speakers with yellow?

the periodic going into the yellow, just don’t do it and your speakers will last years longer. My only problem with the ELX’s are that I wish that the handles were vertical. In another words, a more natural holding position for one person carrying and mounting a speaker. That’s it.

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