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Is ePass still required in Andhra Pradesh?

Is ePass still required in Andhra Pradesh?

Andhra government withdraws e-pass requirement for entry from other states including Telangana. The e-pass requirement at state borders was in force as a precautionary measure due to a high incidence of covid-19 cases in the state.

How can I use e-pass from Telangana to Andhra Pradesh?

Telangana ePass Apply Online at – Individuals who are in need of the Telangana ePass for movement need to visit the official portal and apply for it. The authorities will approve the applications with valid reason and purpose and will provide an ePass for the movement during the lockdown.

Which place is Andhra and Telangana border?


Kodad(In Coming) Nalgonda Andhra Pradesh – Telangana Border
Tungabadra(Out Going) Nalgonda Andhra Pradesh. – Telangana Border
Palwancha Warangal Andhra Pradesh. – Telangana Border
Kalluru(Muttugudem ‘X’ Roads) Warangal Andhra Pradesh. – Telangana Border
Aswaraopet Warangal Andhra Pradesh. – Telangana Border

Is Telangana E-pass valid for round trip?

Telangana police, confirmed that e-pass will be valid for round trip for the vehicle and the driver. “If a person is going to pick his/her family stranded in some other state, he/she can come back and enter into Telangana with the same pass.

Do we need ePass for Telangana?

Thus, the government has decided to start a Telangana ePass. The Telangana Government now gives you access to the Telangana ePass. This covid pass is specifically made for lockdown and everyone who needs to travel during this period. People can use this ePass to move around the state as well as to travel interstate.

How can I get e pass in Telangana?

TS ePass: Print Citizen Pass

  1. Open the official website of the TS Police Portal, Lockdown e-Pass page.
  2. From there, select the “Click here for Print Citizen Pass” icon.
  3. Feed your application reference number.
  4. Click on the “Submit” button.
  5. Your desired Telangana E Pass will appear on the screen.

What is the last date of scholarship 2021 Telangana?

Telangana ePASS Scholarship Dates & Types The last date to fill the Post-Matric TS Scholarship Last Date 2021-22 is on 24th October 2021. 3. The last date to apply for Mahatma Jyothiba Phule Overseas Vidya Nidhi for BC and EBC students is on 3rd March 2021.

How do I get AP border pass?

Steps to Apply for AP Curfew Pass: Enter your name, company name, pick form of work, enter the phone number, e-mail ID, pick kind of vehicle, vehicle registration number, house address, purpose, Aadhaar No., pass valid from and pass valid up to. ✔️ Finally, Review & submit it by clicking the “Apply” button.

What are the border states of Telangana?

Telangana, also spelled Telengana or Telingana, constituent state of south-central India. It is bordered by the states of Maharashtra to the north, Chhattisgarh and Odisha to the northeast, Andhra Pradesh to the southeast and south, and Karnataka to the west.

Do we need pass to enter Telangana?

The Telangana government on Tuesday extended the state-wide lockdown till June 20, 2021. Those who wish to travel via Telangana have to apply for the e-pass on the Telangana state police website here. Before applying, one has to make sure that they are not having any COVID-19 related symptoms such as fever or cold.

Can we go to AP from Telangana now?

Andhra Pradesh Interstate Travel Guidelines No restriction on interstate travel as per latest Guidelines issued by the state government.

Do we need ePass from Andhra to Telangana?

To enter the Telangana state, the applicants have to log on to https://policeportal. Curfew timings in Telangana are 10 am to 6 am. E-pass is must to enter Telangana from AP.

Is E-Pass still required in Andhra Pradesh?

Andhra Pradesh ePass: Even as the Centre announced Unlock 3.0 guidelines relaxing restrictions for all interstate movements from August 1, the Andhra Pradesh government is still making an e-pass compulsory for people coming from all other states including Telangana, Karnatana and Tamil Nadu until further orders or August 31.

Where is Andhra Pradesh after formation of Telangana?

Andhra Pradesh after Formation of Telangana. Andhra Pradesh Travel Map. The state of Andhra Pradesh is located along the eastern coast of southern India. It shares its boundary with Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Telangana in the north, Tamil Nadu in the south, the Bay of Bengal to the east and Karnataka in the west and south-west.

Can commuters from Andhra Pradesh enter Telangana during lockdown?

Speaking on the occasion, the SP clarified that commuters from Andhra Pradesh will be allowed to enter into Telangana during lockdown relaxation hours, i.e., from 6 am to 10 am if they have e-pass. Permission for ambulances providing emergency services will be allowed as usual, he added.

Will Telangana Andhra Pradesh get 13 districts?

However Mapping Digiworld Pvt Ltd and its directors do not own any responsibility for the correctness or authenticity of the same. With the formation of Telangana Andhra Pradesh will be left with only 13 of the 23 districts. The State will consist of mostly costal areas.

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