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Is Eureka Math and Zearn the same?

Is Eureka Math and Zearn the same?

Zearn can be used either as a companion to the EngageNY/Eureka curriculum, or it can be used with small groups. This program provides a virtual “co-teacher” to enable small group instruction in the classroom.

Is Zearn Math free?

It’s also free. For individual teachers and classrooms. Always. We’re a nonprofit, so we’re not driven by dollars—everything we do, offer, and make has one goal: to help kids love learning math.

Is Zearn a full Math curriculum?

A Complete Math Curriculum Zearn is one of those rare few on the market. Zearn is really the whole enchilada. It covers grades 1-5 completely with full lessons. Students finish their lessons with problems to practice their new skills.

Can you print Zearn lessons?

Printed Lesson Trackers for each Mission are included in Zearn Workbooks or can be downloaded and printed individually from teacher accounts. Mid-Mission Assessments and End of Mission Assessments help teachers assess if students have retained their understanding.

Is Zearn adaptive?

After completing Number Gym, Zearn Math’s adaptive fluency experience, students move on to a fluency activity aligned to the specific Independent Digital Lesson they are working on. These activities support ongoing grade-level learning by developing students’ procedural fluency and preparing them for upcoming content.

Does Zearn have a placement test?

Instead of a one-time placement test, students experience an embedded daily diagnostic in every Zearn lesson. This daily diagnostic assesses their understanding and automatically launches a Boost, with support and scaffolding from prior grades or units, the moment that they need it.

Is Zearn a curriculum?

Zearn is a nonprofit curriculum publisher on a mission to inspire generations of children to love learning math.

Is Zearn Common Core?

Zearn Math curricular materials are fully aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Mathematics and can be utilized as the primary instructional materials in the math classroom in order to meet all standards.

What grade levels is Zearn for?

Zearn Math currently offers complete instructional materials for K-5, and now, every Mission of 6th grade. We are building all of middle school content as we speak. Sign up below to receive updates on new releases. What content is covered in each lesson?

How can a student skip lessons in Zearn?

Click Assignments at the top of your Zearn homepage. Choose the class that contains the students whose assignment you’ll be updating. Select the student(s) whose assignment you’d like to change by clicking the check box next to their name(s) Click Change Lesson.

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