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Is Gotham City Impostors still playable?

Is Gotham City Impostors still playable?

As of July 25, 2014, all PS3 servers for Gotham City Impostors have been shut down and the game is now unplayable. Gotham City Impostors was removed from Steam in August of 2021 and is no longer obtainable.

Is Gotham City Imposters free?

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced today that Gotham City Impostors, a first-person multiplayer shooter that developer Monolith Productions released early this year, is now free to play on Steam. Up to 12 players can battle for the popular comic-book city as vigilantes or criminals.

Does Gotham City Imposters have bots?

Maybe folks are still working through Arkham City, the legit Batman game from 2011, but there just aren’t enough Gotham City Impostors out there. And there are no bot options here, either. All your favorite shooter trappings are present, and Monolith adds some serious Batman pizazz.

Why did Gotham City Imposters get Cancelled?

Gotham City Impostors was delisted from PlayStation 3 no later than July 25th, 2014. This is the date that the game’s servers were shut down after the closure of GameSpy which powered the multiplayer title. The game was apparently retooled on Xbox 360 and Steam as both versions remain available as of February 2020.

Who made Gotham City Imposters?

Monolith Productions
Gotham City Impostors/Developers

Can you still play Gotham City Impostors Xbox 360?

Games have made an announcement as of this publishing, Gotham City Impostors and all of its DLC packs have been officially retired from the Steam store as of this afternoon. Released in 2012 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3 servers shut down in 2014 due to the closure of Gamespy.

When did Gotham City Imposters come out?

February 7, 2012
Gotham City Impostors/Initial release dates

Is Gotham City Impostors backwards compatibility?

any chance we can get Gotham City Impostors as a backwards compatible game anytime in the near future? New games are not being added to the Backwards Compatibility library, so we’re afraid not.

Can you get Gotham City Imposters on Xbox one?

Games With Gold for July has kicked off and Gotham City Imposters is now free to download for all Xbox Live Gold members. First released in 2012 and usually costing £9.99, the multiplayer only title sees players take on a Gotham City like no other….

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