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Is Henkel Harris furniture still in business?

Is Henkel Harris furniture still in business?

We at Henkel Harris are delighted to say, “Henkel Harris is back!” We’re still an American family-owned business with the same exquisite craftsmanship that the world has cherished since 1946 when Carroll and Mary Henkel and John Harris produced the first piece of furniture.

Is Henkel Harris furniture good?

Henkel Harris makes investment-quality and heirloom-quality wood furniture. The pieces are well worth their hefty price tags. If you’re lucky enough to find a used piece of Henkel Harris, buy it—even if the price seems high for used furniture.

What style furniture is Henkel Harris?

Henkel Harris offers full lines of traditional bedroom, dining, executive and occasional furnishing as well as the finest 18th and 19th century antique reproductions. Henkel Harris pieces are known for their details: Extra-durable drawer construction. Hand carving techniques that create Ornate, hand-carved veneers.

How much does Henkel Harris cost?

Prices for Henkel Harris furniture may vary depending upon size, time period and other attributes. 1stDibs’s price starts at $450 and tops out at $13,990, while pieces like these can sell for $2,295.

Who owns Henkel Harris?

the Gum family
In 2013, the Gum family purchased Henkel Harris and is proud to be carrying on the tradition of producing America’s finest furniture. With the same commitment to their workers and passion for crafting furniture, the Gum Family has only one goal in mind: “to ensure that the legacy continues”.

Where is Harden Furniture made?

For over 170 years and through 5 generations of family ownership, Harden Furniture is an American-Made manufacturer in McConnellsville, New York that has been handcrafting fine quality wood furniture for decades.

Who was Henkel Harris?

Mary Henkel, co-founder of Henkel Harris, was the first woman to serve as a director of the Southern Furniture Manufacturers Assn. and was just the 2nd woman inducted into the American Furniture Hall of Fame. A prolific advocate of education, Mary offered to pay tuition for workers who wished to take night classes.

Is Thomasville Furniture going out of business?

In 1968, Thomasville Furniture became part of Armstrong World Industries, which sold the company to Interco (later Furniture Brands International) in November 1995. On January 21, 2014, the company’s new owner, Heritage Home Group, announced that all operations in Thomasville would be shut down March 21.

Who owns Henredon furniture now?

Heritage Home Group LLC
NEW YORK – Authentic Brands Group announced Tuesday that it has completed the purchase of the Thomasville, Henredon and Drexel Brands from Heritage Home Group LLC.

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