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Is JC Bonnin brother of Charlene Gonzales?

Is JC Bonnin brother of Charlene Gonzales?

Early and personal life. Gonzales was born to actor Bernard Bonnin and model Elvira Gonzales, on May 1, 1974. She has a brother, actor Richard Bonnin and her cousin is Bagets actor J.C. Bonnin.

How old is Charlene Gonzales?

47 years (May 1, 1974)
Charlene Gonzales/Age

Is Aga Muhlach married?

Charlene Gonzalesm. 2001
Aga Muhlach/Spouse

How old is Aga Muhlach?

52 years (August 12, 1969)
Aga Muhlach/Age

Who is the mother of Charlene Gonzales?

Elvira Gonzales
Charlene Gonzales/Mothers

Who is Aga Muhlach wife?

Aga Muhlach/Wife

Who is the husband of Charlene Gonzales?

Aga Muhlachm. 2001
Charlene Gonzales/Husband

How many islands does Charlene Gonzales have in the Philippines?

How many islands does Charlene Gonzales have in the Philippines? “How many islands are in the Philippines?” asked American game show emcee Bob Goan. Without missing a beat, Gonzales quipped: “High tide or low tide?” It’s a surprisingly tricky question. The Philippines’ official count currently sits at 7,641 islands.

Who is Barbie Muhlach?

While many would recognize her as DZMM’s news anchor, she was the radio news program’s Traffic Angel before becoming one of its anchors. Muhlach pursued a Bachelor of Science in Communications Technology Management, a field of study communications management, and graduated from Ateneo de Manila University in 2008.

How tall is Charlene Gonzales?

5′ 8″
Charlene Gonzales/Height

Why did Aga Muhlach and Lea Salonga break up?

While a lot of their supporters were actually rooting for her and Muhlach in real life, Salonga thinks “it was always just a matter of timing” that’s why nothing ever happened between them. “I think we just really enjoyed working together. There’s mutual respect because we’ve worked together previously.

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