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Is JobStreet a scam?

Is JobStreet a scam?

Phishing. Phishing is a type of fraud whereby someone sends you an email, posing as or another trusted company, in an attempt to acquire your username, password or credit card details.

How do you know if an online job is legit?

Signs That an Online Job Is Legit

  1. What is an online job scam?
  2. The job postings have a clear job description.
  3. The hiring managers send professional email.
  4. The company has a professional website.
  5. The organization pays for everything.
  6. The company does not ask for your personal information.
  7. About SEEK Asia.

Is JobStreet a good website?, as the name suggests, is an ”employment exchange” portal. This I think is a good site. It loads fast and is very easy to navigate, registration is simple enough for an employment portal. It presently caters to 8 countries (including India).

Can a job interview be a scam?

Cyber criminals executing this scam request the same information as legitimate employers, making it difficult to identify a hiring scam until it is too late. Some indications of this scam may include: Interviews are not conducted in-person or through a secure video call.

How do I report JobStreet?

Q: How do I report a review for being inappropriate?

  1. Log in to your account and locate the review.
  2. Select the ‘report’ flag.
  3. Select the most appropriate reason for the report, adding any information you believe will help us understand the issue.
  4. Submit the report.

How can you tell a fake job offer?

How to spot a fake job offer

  1. Ask for your passport details, or any other personal or financial information.
  2. Ask you to pay money to help with a visa application.
  3. Tell you to provide the information quickly.
  4. Provide a mobile telephone number, often starting with +44 (0) 70.

Is JobStreet Singapore legit?

JobStreet Singapore is the region’s most credible and sought-after recruitment website with the proven ability to match talents to job positions in the quickest, most effective way possible. In Singapore, has been recognised by Hitwise as a No. 1 visited website award winner for the past 6 years.

How much is JobStreet job posting?

Advertisement Packages BONUS Package Price
5 advertisements + 25 Resume Search Credits 5 Free Postings $ 480
3 advertisements + 15 Resume Search Credits 3 Free Postings $ 309
2 advertisements + 10 Resume Search Credits 2 Free Postings $ 240
1 advertisement + 5 Resume Search Credits 1 Free Postings $ 138

Should you put expected salary in JobStreet?

Provide specific salary info When you input your salary in the job posting, we match candidates whose expected salary is within the range you offer, resulting in accurate matches to get the candidates you want. Once you have accurate matches, create job ads that appeal to your targeted audience.

How can I get expected salary in JobStreet?

Update Expected Salary

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click on ‘MyJobStreet’> ‘Edit Profile’.
  3. Click on ‘Additional Info’ on the left menu. If you are using a tablet or mobile phone, tap on the Edit link to reveal the menu.
  4. Click on the ‘Edit’ icon.
  5. You will see ‘Expected Monthly Salary’.

How can check company review in JobStreet?

to go to Employer site. to login. Key in your company name in the search bar, then select and click on your company name from the dropdown menu to go to your Company Profile page. to see and check all your reviews.

What is glassdoor SG?

Glassdoor is an American website where current and former employees anonymously review companies. Glassdoor also allows users to anonymously submit and view salaries as well as search and apply for jobs on its platform.

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