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Is manikandan Aishwarya Rajesh brother?

Is manikandan Aishwarya Rajesh brother?

Indian Actor Manikandan. His birthday is on 1st April 1988 and raised in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He was born into Hindu Family….Manikandan Age, Height Weight, Tamil Actor.

Full Name Manikandan
Father Name Not Known
Mother Name Nagamani
Brothers Name Not Known
Sisters Aishwarya Rajesh

Who is manikandan and Sofia?

Sofia Manikandan Wiki/BIO, Profession, Age, Education

Real Name Sofia Manikandan
Profession Entrepreneur, actress, model, dancer
Famous For Wife of Manikandan
Marital Status Married
Children Name 1 Son

Who is the mother of Aishwarya Rajesh?

Her mother Nagamani was a dancer. Her grandfather Amarnath was also an actor, while her aunt Sri Lakshmi, is a Telugu comedian with over 500 films to her credit.

Who is Aishwarya Rajesh father?

RajeshAishwarya Rajesh / Father

Who is Aishwarya Rajesh husband?

Rahul Ravindran
Aishwarya Rajesh Wedding Photos, Rahul Ravindran Marriage Video & News: A grand Tamil wedding for Aishwarya Rajesh & Rahul Ravindran!

What is the relationship between Aishwarya Rajesh and manikandan?

Manikandan hails from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, religion belongs to is Hindu and nationality, Indian. Manikandan is notable celebrity among Kannada Film Actors, Tamil film actors, also famous for Jodi Number One Season 4….Father, Mother, Family Details.

Father Rajesh
Sister(s) Aishwarya Rajesh

Who is Aishwarya Rajesh to Sofia?

Later, he acted in many movies. He is the brother of renowned actress Aishwarya Rajesh. Sofia is a dancer, model and successful entrepreneur.

Why did manikandan and Sofia leave Mr and Mrs Chinnathirai?

To clear the air, Sofia explained the reason why the couple was missing from the show. According to her recent Instagram story, Sofia has an undisclosed medical condition and the doctor advised her to take complete rest. The couple was forced to retreat from the show for her health and well-being.

What is the age of Ritu Varma?

31 years (March 10, 1990)Ritu Varma / Age

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