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Is Marilyn in the cold equations good or bad?

Is Marilyn in the cold equations good or bad?

Answer Expert Verified Marilyn in ‘The Cold Equation’ is a GOOD person. Marilyn is an innocent but ignorant eighteen years old girl who had not seeing her brother for ten years. She believed hiding in the Stardust ship, which is going to the place where here brother lives is a good mean of seeing her brother again.

Who is on the EDS without permission?

Answer: Marilyn is in the Emergency Dispatch Ship without permission.

What is the biggest problem in the cold equations?

The biggest problem is that Marilyn stows away on a ship that cannot handle another person, and she has to be thrown off, into space, where she will die.

What is the rising action in the cold equations?

Rising Action: Instead of killing her immediately, the two of go to the control room and speak to “Records” in hopes that there was any way around the inevitable. Barton and the girl quickly realize that this innocent 18 y/o must die because of her fatal mistake – trying to see her brother.

What did the pilot do in the cold equations?

The ship’s pilot, Barton, discovers the stowaway and contacts his superior for instructions. In fact, Barton knows that he is supposed to jettison the girl to save the ship and its supplies, but he is hoping that his commander will give him permission to try to carry out the mission with her on board.

Does Marilyn die in the cold equations?

Although Barton knows he has no choice but to take Marilyn’s life to ensure the lives of others are saved, he grieves over her death, still feeling her presence and hearing her words long after she is gone.

What was the most difficult part to read in the cold equations?

Hover for more information. This is a matter of opinion, but personally, the most difficult part for me (assuming you mean emotionally difficult rather than challenging to read) was when the girl says goodbye to her brother.

What year does the cold equations take place?

Thus Godwin very quickly establishes the setting in a future time where science and technology have developed so rapidly that space travel is far more common than it is today. Later on in the story we are told that the girl was born in 2160 which gives us some indication as to the year in which this story is set.

What does the sister want in the cold equations?

She also wants her family to remember her as she has always been: young, whole, and unmarred by death. She imagines that she will die a gruesome death in space, and she doesn’t want her family to think of her as having died in agony.

How believable is a story like the cold equations?

Tom Godwin’s short story “The Cold Equations” is realistic and believable. The use of space travel in the story is for colonization, exploration and trade. The consequences of the extra weight of the girl on the ship’s deceleration is explained in terms that are understandable and logically in sync with physics.

Why does Barton choose jettison Marilyn?

Barton waits until the last possible minute to jettison Marilyn because… Barton wants Marilyn to understand the laws of physics that determining her fate.

What is the climax of the cold equations?

The climax in “The Cold Equations” takes place when Marilyn finally begins to accept her death.

Who is the protagonist in the cold equations?

Thomas Godwin belongs to the group of authors who did not have a simple life. When he was little, both his sister and mother died unexpectedly. The above losses caused him immense suffering, even after, because he was left alone with his father, and they did not have the best relationship.

Why did Marilyn hide onboard the EDS?

She wanted to visit her brother. She wanted to visit her parents. She was secretly in love with Barton.

What is an EDS pilot?

The story takes place entirely aboard an Emergency Dispatch Ship (EDS) headed for the frontier planet Woden with a load of desperately-needed medical supplies. The pilot, Barton, discovers a stowaway: an eighteen-year-old girl.

Why is the story titled The Cold Equations?

The “cold equations” referred to in Tom Godwin’s title are the calculations which confirm that the ship Stardust cannot accommodate any extra weight, and that, in accordance with laws pertaining to EDS stowaways, Marilyn, who just wanted to see her brother, must be jettisoned.

Which of the following characters served as the antagonist in the cold equations?

Which of the following characters served as the antagonist in “The Cold Equations”? Barton. Marilyn.

What is the resolution of the cold equations?

Since his internal conflict concerns his inability to do his duty immediately, the story is resolved once Barton is sure he has done all he can for her. In doing all he can for her, he acquires permission from his captain to keep Marilyn on board for as long as the computers say he can.

What did the author of the cold equations want you to believe?

In the short story “The Cold Equations,” author Tom Godwin wants us to believe Marilyn’s death was an inevitable sacrifice for the greater good. Godwin depicts the inevitability of Marilyn’s death by explaining the mathematical necessity of her death.

What is the primary conflict of the Cold Equations?

Hover for more information. The conflict of Tom Godwin’s short story “The Cold Equations” is that because of a mistake, Marilyn has to die, and Barton has to be the one to send her to her death.

What is the main idea of the cold equations?

The main theme of “The Cold Equations” is about sacrifice. One person, although a young, pretty teen who has seen very little of life yet, has to be sacrificed for the good of others. Along with the pilot of the EDS, seven other people would die if she remained.

What happens at the end of the cold equations?

The “cold equations” of physics admit no other solution, and in the end, Marilyn willingly lets herself be jettisoned into space. It’s a shocking ending, and in fact, it wasn’t even Godwin’s idea.

Why is the EDS traveling to Woden?

Tom Godwin’s science-fiction story “The Cold Equations” takes place entirely aboard the Stardust, an Emergency Dispatch Ship (EDS) headed for the frontier planet Woden with a load of desperately needed medical supplies.

What point of view is the cold equations?

Tom Godwin’s use of third-person limited point of view to narrate his short story titled “The Cold Equations” is extremely effective because, though it is an emotional story, the author creates emotional distance in order to show the reader the cold, harsh inevitability of the story’s outcome, an inevitability governed …

Are the pilots actions in the cold equations good or bad?

Answer Expert Verified I would say the pilot’s actions are “good”. In fact, the tougher the decision he has to make, the “better” his action is. He has a mission which is greater than a single life, even if it is the life of an innocent girl who sneaked in on the ship to see her brother.

What was the most exciting part to read in the cold equations?

(10 points) The most exciting part to read in “The Cold Equations” is the part when the girl finally can talk with her brother. The author reflects how the sister realizes that death is inevitable and in a moment it seems her to be an adult. She becomes mature and faces her fears and her consequences.

What is the plot of the cold equations?

Renowned and prolific science fiction writer Tom Godwin’s short story “The Cold Equations” takes place aboard a cargo spaceship bound for a far-off planet in need of medical supplies. The ship’s pilot finds himself – and his ship – in an unexpected predicament when he discovers a stowaway on board.

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