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Is MarketForce mystery shopper legit?

Is MarketForce mystery shopper legit?

They are a legitimate company, and compared to many places, many are good people. Gook Luck! a great way to make some extra cash and get some free food during weeks you have extra time. I dont think they pay high enough for each assignment but I really enjoy the work.

Do Mystery shoppers keep what they buy?

Typically, the shopper is reimbursed and can keep the product or service. Sometimes the shopper receives a small payment, as well. Many professionals in the field consider mystery shopping a part-time activity, at best.

How do secret shoppers work?

All you need to do is sign up to become a mystery shopper here. Then, to apply for a secret shop, you just need to click on one of those listings, choose one of the available dates, and press “Request.” The mystery shopping company will get back to you fairly quickly on whether or not you can do the mystery shop.

How old do you have to be to be a mystery shopper?


How do I start a secret shop?

Get Set Up to Mystery ShopOpen a separate bank/PayPal account for your new business. Do your research. Once you know which companies have shops in your area and are trustworthy organizations, then sign up with as many companies as possible. Apply for shops each day.

What qualities do you need to be a mystery shopper?

4 TRAITS OF AN AWESOME MYSTERY SHOPPERCURIOSITY. Modern consumer society has many challenges, and improving customer services with mystery shopping is our chance to make a difference. EYE FOR DETAIL. This goes hand-in-hand with curiosity. COMMUNICATION SKILLS. Objective evaluation skills are needed at every assignment, no matter how big or small. RELIABILITY.

How can I be a good mystery shopper?

Skills and characteristics of good mystery shoppersHonesty. Honesty is paramount for mystery shoppers. Friendliness. Mystery shoppers should be friendly individuals. Writing skills. Writing reports is something that every mystery shopper has to do. Eye for detail. Good memory.

How do I write a mystery shopper report?

How to write a good mystery shopper reportStay on topic. The client only cares about the job that they are paying you to do. Get the names of staff and products right. Show don’t tell. Stick to the clients requirements. No unimportant details. Write in complete and clear sentences. Proofread. Edit.

Is mystery shopping a real job?

No real job opportunity, including mystery shopping, involves paying for the job. Companies asking you to pay for such things are likely scammers. If you’re asked to deposit checks into your bank account and send money back to pay for courses, fees or anything else, stop. This is a fake check scam.

What makes a good shopper?

As you can see, it takes a certain set of skills and personality traits to be a good mystery shopper. Those people who are detail oriented, enjoy shopping, are timely, flexible, organized and can be objective are the kinds of people who make great mystery shoppers and do well in the industry over time.

Why do you want to become a mystery shopper answer?

Better customer service, higher quality products, and improved customer experiences are beneficial to everybody that spends money in America. Mystery Shopping helps you become a part of this beneficial process because companies look to mystery shoppers to improve these areas.

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