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Is Motoko Kusanagi a man?

Is Motoko Kusanagi a man?

Major Motoko Kusanagi is one such person, living in a full-body prosthesis after an accident as a child; her only organic parts are her brain and spinal cord. Her current prosthetic body looks like a generic product, but is actually military grade.

How big is a tachikoma?

What size is Tachikoma?

Size Approx. W350 x D390 x H250 mm
Weight Approx. 1.5kg

What does tachikoma mean in Japanese?

Tachikoma (Japanese: タチコマ) are fictional walker robots endowed with artificial intelligence (AI) that are featured in the Ghost in the Shell universe. They are spider-like, multi-legged combat vehicles, and are equipped with adaptive artificial intelligence.

How many seasons does Ghost in the Shell have?

two seasons
It was stated that the series will have two seasons of 12 episodes each, with the second set to release in 2022. In July 2021, it was announced that the first season would be adapted into a compilation film, which premiered on November 12, 2021.

What is a ghost Ghost in the Shell?

In Ghost in the Shell, the word ghost is colloquial slang for an individual’s consciousness or soul. In the manga’s futuristic society, science has redefined the ghost as the thing that differentiates a human being from a biological robot.

Where was Ghost in the Shell 1995 made?

Hong Kong
Oshii based the setting for Ghost in the Shell on Hong Kong. Oshii commented that his first thought to find an image of the future setting was an Asian city, but finding a suitable cityscape of the future would be impossible, and so chose to use the real streets of Hong Kong as his model.

How old is Kusanagi?

Kusanagi has never been headhunted by Section 9, because she knew Aramaki since she joined Army Intelligence. In 2034, 2 years after she left Section 9, she is ~46 years of age. Following this logic, she was born 1986-1988 and became full cyborg in 1995-1997.

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