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Is Mount Elizabeth expensive?

Is Mount Elizabeth expensive?

Mount Elizabeth offers medical aid to international patients, too. Regarding the accommodation prices, these start at S$275 per day for rooms with four beds. For a stately treatment, plan to spend S$10,500 per day for a royal suite.

How much is Mount Elizabeth hospital?

1. Fees above are only room charges. Daily treatment fee applies for inpatient and day surgery cases. 2….Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital.

Type of Room Daily Rate (S$)
Room charges include 7% GST
Recovery room first 3 hours, thereafter $30 per hour 98
Single room first 4 hours, thereafter $68 per hour 228

How much does it cost to stay in ICU Singapore?

Singapore Citizen

Class of Ward Accomodation (S$)
ICU $980 $300
Neuro ICU $1085 $340
Day Surgery Centre / Endoscopy Centre / Invasive Cardiac Lab
Type of Service Private (S$) Subsidised (S$)

How many beds does Mount Elizabeth Novena hospital have?

333Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital / Number of beds

What is the most expensive hospital in Singapore?

The S$2 billion Parkway Novena Hospital, the most expensive private hospital to be built in Singapore in the last 30 years, is scheduled to open in the second half of 2012. According to The Straits Times, the hospital will feature 333 single-bed wards and the latest medical equipment.

Which hospital is expensive in Singapore?

Choosing the Right Hospital

Acute Hospital (for SG Citizen) Ward C Room Ward B2 Room
Changi General Hospital S$41 S$80
Khoo Teck Puat Hospital S$35 S$81
KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital S$35 S$179
National University Hospital S$41 S$75

What is a standard room in private hospital?

Standard Ward Class A. – Single, private room. – Attached bathroom and toilet.

How much does HDU cost?

High Density Urethane (HDU) Boards

Item# Product Price
W10-00041 High Density Urethane (PBLT) Board, Closed-Cell Rigid Polyurethane for Signage, Low Temperature, Precision Board Plus™
W10-00042 High Density Urethane (PBLT) Board, Closed-Cell Rigid Polyurethane for Signage, Low Temperature, Precision Board Plus™ $2,658.53/ea

How much is hospital stay per day Singapore?

Cost of Medical Specialties (Public Hospitals)

Ward Class Average Cost/ Day Total Average Bill
A (1 bed) $1,142 – $1,412 $2,210 – $7,459
B (3-4 beds) $686 – $1,094 $2,830 – $7,876
B2 (6-10 beds) $314 – $439 $1,178 – $3,380
C (open ward) $205 – $319 $1,012 – $2,558

Who Own Mount Elizabeth?

Parkway Holdings Ltd.
Since 1995, it has been owned by Parkway Holdings Ltd. The hospital is accredited by Joint Commission International and is located in Singapore’s Orchard Road, on Mount Elizabeth.

Why choose Mount Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre?

Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre is an independent private entity, having private medical specialists who are affiliated with a number of private medical institutions. Rooms and rates vary from hospital to hospital.

What is the daily rate for Mount Elizabeth novena hospital?

Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital. Type of Room. Daily Rate (S$) #N#Room charges include 7% GST. Single room. 768. Single signature room. 888. Cardiac unit.

Why choose a single-bedded room at Mount Elizabeth?

This is why we offer only single-bedded patient rooms and suites for your individual comfort. With a butler on hand, and ergonomically designed features in all the rooms, every patient can enjoy a customised Mount Elizabeth experience. 1

How do I pay for a Mount Elizabeth Bill?

Use your health insurance for a Mount Elizabeth bill. Our accepted modes of payment include cash, cheque, NETS, Medisave and major credit cards.

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