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Is MTA a good job?

Is MTA a good job?

Good pay and Benefits. Like most jobs, but more so here. There are plenty of good co-workers and management was ok for the most part. Different people had gripes with different managers/supervisors, I didn’t but it was seen. For the most part it was like being in high school again.

What is a MTA collecting agent?

Collecting Agents, under supervision, perform routine work involved in the collection, transportation and delivery of revenue and fare media from various New York City Transit and other MTA agency facilities and locations including subway, elevated and surface lines to the central revenue and fare media bureau and from …

Where is the MTA headquarters in NYC?

New York, NY
Metropolitan Transportation Authority/Headquarters

Does MTA pay well?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $210,172 and as low as $18,000, the majority of salaries within the MTA Bus jobs category currently range between $30,175 (25th percentile) to $86,821 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $142,938 annually in Los Angeles.

How do I get a job in New York City before moving there?

Tips for Finding a Job in a New City

  1. Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Find a Job.
  2. Think Local (and Remote) for Job Opportunities.
  3. Sign Up for Job Alerts.
  4. Be Available to Interview.
  5. Don’t Count on a Relocation Package.
  6. Get a Local Address at the New City.
  7. Tap Your Connections.
  8. Take Your Job With You.

Do MTA employees get free MetroCards?

The free MetroCards are awarded to workers due to a collective bargaining agreement with the transit union, and even high-ups like MTA head Jay Walder receive the freebies. An additional 52,000 NYPD officers also receive free passes, as well as 701 MTA police officers.

Do MTA employees get pensions?

After joining New York City Transit you will have access to a pension, 401(k) retirement savings plan, wellness programs, insurance plans, and healthcare plans with coverage for spouses, domestic partners, and dependents.

Is the MTA private or public?

The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority (sometimes referred to as LAMTA or MTA I) was a public agency formed in 1951.

Are MTA employees government employees?

Originally Answered: Are NYCT bus drivers local, state or federal employees? NYCT is not actually part of city government, despite the name.

Is MTA owned by the government?

MTA is a corporate entity separate and apart from the State of New York (the “State”), without any power of taxation – frequently called a “public authority.” MTA has the responsibility for developing and implementing a unified mass transportation policy for The City of New York (the “City”) and Dutchess, Nassau.

How to apply to the MTA Career Center?

MTA Career Center 1 Applying for jobs as an MTA employee. MTA employees must apply via the My MTA Portal. 2 Jobs that require exams. Some positions at MTA New York City Transit, MaBSTOA, MTA Bus Company, and MTA Bridges & Tunnels require applicants to sit for an examination. 3 Skilled trade positions. 4 Internships. 5 Benefits

Do I have to take an exam to work for MTA?

Some positions at MTA New York City Transit, MaBSTOA, MTA Bus Company, and MTA Bridges & Tunnels require applicants to sit for an examination. Find out more about upcoming exams.

Why work for the MTA?

The MTA seeks qualified individuals for careers with North America’s largest public transportation organization. We offer excellent benefits and stimulating employment in dozens of fields. The MTA is an equal opportunity employer fully committed to opening career paths for job seekers of all backgrounds.

What do the MTA museum stores do?

In addition, the Museum stores act as a MTA customer resource by selling MetroCards as well as offering maps,… More… Knowledge of and interest in public transit and New York City history.

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