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Is Obie the dog still alive?

Is Obie the dog still alive?

Obie, who lives in Portland, Oregon, with owner Nora Vanatta, had previously tipped the scales at whopping 77lbs and to get him down to his target weight Vanatta appealed for donations.

Is Obie the dachshund still alive?

Thankfully, Obie is now a happy and healthy hound who lives in terrific care with his owner. He also has a Facebook page “Obie Dog Journey” where you can continue to follow his progress and learn some tips on how to keep your hound healthy.

How did Obie the dachshund lose weight?

When Obie first appeared on TODAY in 2012, he weighed a whopping 77 pounds, more than twice the size of an average dachshund. On Monday, the newly svelte dog made a return trip to TODAY with owner Nora Vanatta after dropping 54 pounds thanks to regular exercise and a high-fiber, low-carb diet.

Who is Obie the dog? Obie is a dachshund from Washington state who at his heaviest weighed 77 pounds in August, 2012. His original owners were elderly, and showered him with treats until he became obese.

Who is Crusoe and Oakley?

Crusoe & Family Crusoe’s younger brother by 1.5 years, Oakley, was introduced shortly after Crusoe came on the scene, and has been by his side in many of their adventures. Then, in 2019, a new mischievous sister was introduced to the family who goes by Daphne!

How old is Obie the dog?

Obie is 10 years old now and has maintained his weight at 23 pounds for over 3 years.

What is the biggest wiener dog?

Doxie Obie
Double Sized Doxie Obie is the biggest Dachshund you’ll ever see! An average adult male Dachshund weighs between 16 and 32 pounds depending on the individual dog. He was over 70 pounds, more than twice the weight of a normal hotdog. In 2013, Obie weighed in at 77 pounds!

How old is Obie dachshund?

Obie Dog’s Journey – Obie is 10 years old now and has maintained his weight at 23 pounds for over 3 years. | Facebook.

Who does Crusoe’s voice?

Chuck Gaffney
Crusoe is primarily voiced by computer scientist & voice actor, Chuck Gaffney while the rest of the animal characters featured are by currently uncredited actors. A few shorts are primarily voiceless.

Who is Oakley the dachshund?

His name is Oakley, and he’s actually a twin, half-brother to be specific – ‘same fathas different mothas’. My dad got around quite a bit – which is where I assume I got my charm and good looks from. Oakley is only about 6 months old (whereas I am going on 2), but he still looks just like me!

Are there big dachshunds?

Dachshunds come in two sizes: Standard—weighing up to 32 lbs and reaching up to 11 inches in height. Miniature—weighing up to 11 lbs and reaching up to 6 inches in height.

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