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Is Shinola a luxury watch?

Is Shinola a luxury watch?

This makes Shinola one of the only American-made luxury watch companies, and it’s proud of that fact. That’s why each and every Shinola product is stamped with the words “Built in Detroit.”

Are Shinola watches made in China?

Every Shinola watch is technically assembled in the United States. However, many parts used in Shinola watches are manufactured in Europe, China and Thailand. Certain components’ factories are owned by companies based in Switzerland.

Is Shinola worth the price?

The Shinola watch delivers great value in a number of ways. Although not the same bracket as Rolex for investment purposes, it holds its own in terms of desirability. Its superb vintage design, all American back story, and its ability to create great marketing campaigns will ensure its value lasts into the future.

Do Shinola watches go up in value?

Are Shinola watches any good?

What’s a good watch that doesn’t age well with time? Shinola ensures watch manufacturing of the highest quality by utilizing stainless steel material made of carbon alloy fused with chromium-nickel. By offering undeniable steel strength, Shinola watches can stand firm against sharp edges. They can resist rust, corrosion, and moisture with ease.

Is Shinola a good brand?

Yes. There is no doubt that Shinola watches are reliable. When you compare the brand with cheaper models, Shinola uses much better quality materials and movements than basic fashion watches. As Shinola watches cost more, you would expect this, but by paying more, you are receiving better accuracy and reliability.

Is Shinola worth it?

The Shinola brand emerged with much fanfare at the beginning of the 2010s. An American watch company manufacturing timepieces in a city economically most despondent, and with it offering hundreds of jobs, is indeed remarkable and worth the heightened attention.

Who sells Shinola watches?

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