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Is Southern Wood poisonous?

Is Southern Wood poisonous?

Although the plant has uses as a medicinal and culinary herb, all parts of southernwood are toxic both to humans and animals when ingested.

Is Artemisia Abrotanum poisonous?

Artemisia abrotanum – L. Although no reports of toxicity have been seen for this species, skin contact with some members of this genus can cause dermatitis or other allergic reactions in some people[222].

What is the difference between southernwood and wormwood?

As nouns the difference between wormwood and southernwood is that wormwood is (botany) an intensely bitter herb (artemisia absinthium” and similar plants in genus ”artemisia ) used in the production of absinthe and vermouth, and as a tonic while southernwood is an aromatic shrub, , related to wormwood.

What does southernwood look like?

Southernwood Artemisia (Artemisia abrotanum) is a woody, perennial herb with gray-green, fern-like leaves that, when crushed, emit a sweet lemony aroma. Leaves are small, alternate with yellow-white dioecious flowers that bloom in late summer in southern regions. Artemisia grown in northern areas rarely flowers.

Is Artemisia Powis Castle Evergreen?

Many of the species feature aromatic, pinnately divided or finely dissected silvery-green foliage and non-showy flowers. Tiny yellow-tinged silver flowers rarely bloom. Plants are essentially evergreen in warm winter climates. ‘Powis Castle’ was introduced in 1972 from the National Trust’s Powis Castle in Wales.

How do you prune Southern Wood?

Trimming the tips makes the stems branch and keeps the plant short and bushy. You can use pruning shears for this job, but it’s easier and faster to use sharp hedge shears. Trim the entire surface into the round shape you desire. Shear your southernwood every month or so, or whenever the new shoots get long enough.

Does Artemisia absinthium contain thujone?

absinthium (wormwood), which gives the alcoholic liqueur absinthe its flavor, can damage the nervous system and cause mental deterioration. This toxicity is attributed to thujones (alpha-thujone and beta-thujone), which constitute 0.25–1.32% in the whole herb and 3–12% of the oil.

Does southern wormwood contain thujone?

Wormwood won’t make you crazy. Wormwood, as you probably know, was traditionally used to flavor absinthe. Yes, it contains thujone, a compound that can cause seizures and death at very high doses, but the concentration found in absinthe won’t make you hallucinate.

What does southernwood smell like?

Southernwood has a strong camphor-like odour and was historically used as an air freshener or strewing herb. It forms a small bushy shrub, which is widely cultivated by gardeners.

How do you grow Southern Wood?

Thrives in full sun or light shade, in organically rich, dry to medium moisture, well-drained soils. Excellent soil drainage is essential. This plant loves dry heat, but usually dislikes hot and humid weather conditions.

Does Artemisia Powis Castle spread?

It typically grows in a shrubby mound to 2-3′ tall and as wide, but spreads by rhizomes and may reach 3-6′ wide if not restrained. Tiny yellow-tinged silver flowers rarely bloom.

What does southernwood Artemisia look like?

Southernwood Artemisia ( Artemisia abrotanum) is a woody, perennial herb with gray-green, fern-like leaves that, when crushed, emit a sweet lemony aroma. This gray-green foliage is slightly haired, growing less so as the season progresses.

What is Artemisia abrotanum?

Artemisia abrotanum (Southernwood), is a perennial sub-shrub typically grown for its magnificent and strongly aromatic, ferny, light green foliage. It forms an upright, bushy mound, which releases a pleasant citrus to camphor fragrance whenever brushed or touched.

What are the different types of artemisias?

Artemisias are truly amazing. They take many different forms from ground covers to large shrubs and run the gamut of colored foliage from silvery shades like those of Powis Castle Artemisia and Silver Southernwood to soft vibrant greens like those of African Wormwood and Southernwood.

How tall do Artemisia plants grow?

Artemisia grown in northern areas rarely flowers. Southernwood herb plants grow to a height of between 3 and 5 feet tall with a spread of about 2 feet across.

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