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Is the Mercury 115 OptiMax a good motor?

Is the Mercury 115 OptiMax a good motor?

The E-TEC and TLDI enginees both have four cylinders and are relatively smooth across the entire rev range. However, that is not the case with the Mercury OptiMax 115 outboard motor….THE COMPETITION.

Outboard E-TEC 115 Tohatsu TLDI 115
OEDA Stars 3 3

Is OptiMax a 2 stroke?

Some call it a two-stroke. Others simply call it the best-performing outboard on the water. From the rocket hole-shots to the unmatched top end, OptiMax sets the standard for power, acceleration, and fuel economy.

How many cylinders does a Mercury OptiMax 115 have?

OptiMax 115 Specifications
HP @ Prop 115
Max RPM (WOT) 5000-5750
Cylinders 3 (in-line)
Displacement (CID/cc) 92.96/1526

What does OptiMax mean?

Optimax is a laser eye treatment specialist based in Birmingham, England, owned by Russell Keith Ambrose. Laser eye surgery in the UK is dominated by three main companies Optical Express, Ultralase and Optimax which, in total, account for approximately 56% of clinics in the UK.

What year did OptiMax come out?

Introduced in 1995, Mercury’s OptiMax direct fuel-injection system was a lead bull in the manufacturers’ stampede toward cleaner two-stroke engines.

Is the Mercury Optimax 115 a good outboard motor?

The Mercury OptiMax 115 outboard motor is a compromise between the lower but wider profile of the V4 E-TEC 115 and the tall stature of the in-line TLDI 115. It’s cheap to run for a 115, and with Mercury’s proven saltwater corrosion protection and outstanding warranty coverage it’s a logical re-power choice for older hulls.

What is the lowest horsepower Optimax available?

Last year the lowest horsepower OptiMax available was the 135. For 1999 Mercury offers a 115 OptiMax. “There are other 115-horse, direct-injected engines on the market.

What is Optimax fuel?

OptiMax was not designed as a fuel system to bolt onto an existing engine, but as a new power plant to complement Mercury’s line of outboard engines. Last year the lowest horsepower OptiMax available was the 135.

Is the Optimax 115 the best DFI option on the market?

Throw in the fact the Orbital Combustion Process has been the most trouble-free system of the three DFI options on the market, and the OptiMax 115 represents very good value. As of May 2013 the extra-long-shaft 115 including prop and installation was quoted at $13,140 (Melbourne dealer).

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