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Is the Pontiac Trans Am WS6 a good car?

Is the Pontiac Trans Am WS6 a good car?

The Pontiac Trans Am WS6 was a beast in its day and still one of the best modern muscle cars. Pontiac designed the Firebird as the ultimate car to slug it out with Ford Mustang for a larger stake in the American pony car market. The Firebird had a great production run that lasted from 1967 to 2002.

Does the 2002 Trans Am WS6 have window tint issues?

It does have some window tint issues (passenger window has a crease and rear window is bubbling). For sale or possible trade (very limited) is my 2002 Trans Am WS6. Let me start by saying, if your a dealer, flipper, low baller or lister, do not waste my time or yours. I’m not interested in doing business with you or your company, period.

How many miles on a 1989 Pontiac Trans Am GTA WS6?

1989 Pontiac Trans Am GTA WS6 Low Miles at 66985 . Beautiful Blue Metallic Base Clear Paint. Origina 2000 Pontiac Trans AM WS6. VIN: 2G2FV22G4Y2132095. 8,631 Original Miles. 5.7 liter, LS1 V8. Automati Trans Am WS6 6-speed 33,265 miles 100% OEM down to the paper air filter. Clear title is in hand. No

What is the WS6 package on a Pontiac Firebird?

The WS6 package ultimately improves the performance of the Firebird and as such requires a commensurate powerful means of bringing the car to a halt. Hence, the car adopted four-wheel disc brakes with ABS as standard features while traction control was optionally available.

What kind of engine does a Pontiac Trans Am have?

Pontiac had powered the Trans Ams and Formulas with the Gen II LT1 small-block V8 that displaces 5.7-liters from 1992 to 1997. However, the C5 Corvette arrived in 1997 with one of the most sought-after engines ever made by GM, the LS V8.

How much did a 1979 Trans Am cost?

The Trans Am sales were already on an upward trajectory and by 1979 it peaked at 117,000 units, same year the WS6 got upgraded with four-wheel disc brakes bumping its price up to $434. Also in the same year, the WS6 package was offered on the Firebird Formula.

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