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Is towny on spigot?

Is towny on spigot?

Towny Advanced Minecraft plugin for Bukkit/Spigot.

How do you use towny with Dynmap?


  1. Download EP-Dynmap-Towny.jar.
  2. Place the plugin in your servers /plugins folder with Dynmap 3.1-beta5.jar and Towny-, (Optional to have TownyChat-0.83.jar)
  3. Start the server.
  4. Edit the config. yml in the folder EP-Dynmap-Towny to your needs.

How does towny work in Minecraft?

Towny provides a server admin a hands-off approach to block-protection. Block protection is broken down into plots of land, called townblocks, which by default are 16x16x128 (the full height of the world.) Townblocks are claimed by town mayors who can then sell/give individual plots to their town’s residents.

Does towny work with Dynmap?

Dynmap-Towny provides a simple way to add visibility of Towny towns and nations on Dynmap’s maps. This can be done at the global default level, the per-nation level, or the per town level.

How can I see Dynmap regions?

Visibility of regions can be controlled via the ‘visibleregions’ and ‘hiddenregions’ settings. Besides listing the names of the regions to be made visible or hidden, entries with the format ‘world:’ can be used to make all regions on a given world visible or hidden.

What are some good Minecraft plugins?

EssentialsX. A phenomenal plugin.

  • LuckPerms. With ease and accessibility in mind,LuckPerms is the perfect plugin to setup ranks and permissions on your Minecraft server.
  • FAWE.
  • WorldGuard.
  • GriefPrevention.
  • ClearLagg.
  • CoreProtect.
  • Vault.
  • What is the best Minecraft server plugin?

    /viaver list – Show what players are on what versions

  • /viaver autoteam – Toggle collision auto teaming,you may need to disable if you are getting bungee team issues.
  • /viaver dontbugme – Toggle the update notifier
  • /viaver pps – Show the packets per seconds for ported players.
  • How to install and use essentials plugin in Minecraft?

    Find the config file in the config files tab of your control panel,or in FTP File Access.

  • Use ctrl+f to open a search box on the page and type in “kit: tools” without the quotes. This will take you straight to the value you need to change.
  • Change kit: tools to kit: ‘ ‘
  • Save the changes and restart the server
  • How to add plugins to your Minecraft server?


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