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Is Value Village owned by Savers?

Is Value Village owned by Savers?

Ubiquitous promotion of charitable activity is a big reason why Value Village’s corporate parent, Savers, Inc., does more than $1.2 billion in business annually. For years it has been the single largest player in the prosperous and growing industry of for-profit thrift stores.

Is Savers and Value Village the same?

In Washington, Oregon, and Alaska, the company operates under the name of Value Village, but most of its stores operate nationally under the name of Savers. “Value Village, its corporate parent Savers LLC, and their ultimate corporate parent TVI Inc.

Is Savers associated with a charity?

We’re proud to support local nonprofits. dba Savers®/Value VillageTM is a for-profit professional fundraiser where required. While donations received at our stores benefit our charity partner, shopping in our stores does not support any nonprofit.

Who is Savers affiliated with?

Savers operates some 300 stores in more than two dozen states, under the names Savers, Value Village, Unique and Valu Thrift, and is owned by the private equity firm Leonard Green & Partners and Tom Ellison, the son of the Savers founder William O. Ellison.

How much does the CEO of Goodwill make?

How much does the owner of goodwill make? According to the survey of 2021, Mark Curran is the Owner and CEO of Goodwill which makes a profit of $2.3 million a year.

Where does the money from Deseret Industries go?

Any revenues that exceed expenses is used to support other LDS Church welfare organizations and programs throughout the world. DI provides work training and rehabilitation opportunities for people referred by an LDS bishop.

Does Tucson have a Savers thrift store?

We are excited to see you at our Tucson Savers® thrift store and to help you discover those one-of-a-kind finds and everyday necessities. Learn more about the Savers® family of thrift stores, our impact, and the #ThriftProud movement at

Why shop at Savers thrift store?

Our solution. Whether you are shopping on a budget, a lover of all things vintage, or simply looking to Declutter Responsibly TM, Savers® thrift store in Tucson, AZ is your champion of reuse.

Where can I learn more about the Savers® brand and impact?

Learn more about the Savers® family of thrift stores, our impact, and the #ThriftProud movement at

What is the purpose of the Saver program?

Savers® is committed to giving reusable items a second chance at life while helping save millions of pounds of clothing and household goods from landfills every year. Each time you donate items to our nonprofit partner at our store, we pay them for your stuff, helping them fund important programs in your community.

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