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Should I reserve flash pass?

Should I reserve flash pass?

Reservation is required to pick up your THE FLASH Pass on the day of your visit. Due to ride availability, participating rides may vary.

How long does a flash pass last?

The regular flash pass will hold your spot equal to waiting 90 minutes in line. During those 90 minutes of reservation, you can go on other rides.

Does everyone need a flash pass?

Unfortunately each person has to pay the full price for Flash Pass. If you have a group of 6 or less only one person needs to carry the device but each person on it still has to fork over the full amount. It’s well worth it, especially on busy summer weekends.

What is the difference between regular and gold Flash Pass?

Regular Flash Pass = Same wait time as current wait without waiting in line. Gold Flash Pass = 50% time less than regular wait time. If you get them during the flash sale each year, you can get the gold version for $200 each.

Is Flash Pass separate from ticket?

no, you need a ticket for admission, and then if you’d like to purchase a flash pass you can. over a year ago. no ,you need to pay for admission to get access to the park.

How much does Flash Pass cost at Six Flags?

The cost of a Flash Pass is per person, with up to six people allowed per each pass. Prices vary by date. For example, costs for a Flash Pass at California’s Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in early August were $45 per person for a regular pass, $70 for Gold and $110 per person for Platinum. In September, the rates go down by $5 for each level.

What is the best ride at Six Flags New England?

Superman The Ride. No matter what this has been called over the years,Superman Ride of Steel,Bizzaro,or the current name Superman The Ride,this has always been

  • Wicked Cyclone. Wicked Cyclone is the park’s RMC hybrid roller coaster,and it is one of the two best coasters in the park.
  • Batman: The Dark Knight.
  • The Riddler Revenge.
  • The Joker.
  • How much does a Flash Pass cost?

    The three levels and costs per person (according to Six Flags’ preorder site) are: Regular, $35 each, Gold, $55 each, and Platinum, $85 each. With the Regular level, when you enter the next ride you want to ride, the flash pass device will set your wait time to the current wait-time for that ride.

    How to contact Six Flags New England?

    to help. You can reach us by phone, email or regular mail. We look forward to hearing from you. Simply pick a park from the menu below and complete the form. Please allow one business week for a response. Trouble Viewing This Form? Select…

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