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Was the Stegosaurus a predator or prey?

Was the Stegosaurus a predator or prey?

Because it is so front heavy, Stegosaurus walked on all fours (quadrupedal). e small blunt teeth show that Stegosaurus was an herbivore. It had a large gut to break down the plants it ate. Stegosaurus was most probably prey for the likes of Allosaurus, Torvosaurus, and maybe even smaller meat eaters.

Why is Stegosaurus the best dinosaur?

These dinosaurs were herbivores, and that was a good thing when they were alive. Since Stegosauruses only eat plants instead of eating meat like other dinosaurs, they are conserving the diversity of dinosaurs that were alive then. This was a way to be peaceful and only fight when necessary and not for food.

What animals eat Stegosaurus?

A large, slow moving plant-eater, Stegosaurus would have defended itself from predators like Allosaurus and Ceratosaurus with its powerful spiked tail.

How did the T. rex get extinct?

T. rex went extinct during the K-T mass extinction, about 65 million years ago. This extinction was probably caused by a catastrophic asteroid colliding with Earth. It is thought that a an asteroid 4-9 miles (6-15 km) in diameter hit the Earth off the coast of Mexico.

What is the most famous mass extinction?

Some 252 million years ago, life on Earth faced the “Great Dying”: the Permian-Triassic extinction. The cataclysm was the single worst event life on Earth has ever experienced. Over about 60,000 years, 96 percent of all marine species and about three of every four species on land died out.

What does a Stegosaurus protect itself?

Tail spikes Stegosaurus defended itself by attacking its enemies with its spiked tail. Allosaurus bones have been found with holes made by Stegosaurus tail spikes.

Which dinosaur has spikes on its head?

With its three sharp horns and spiky head plate, Triceratops horridus must have been an intimidating presence as it trampled across western North America in the late Cretaceous period, some 69 million years ago. Despite its fierce appearance, this famous ceratopsian, or horned dinosaur, was an herbivore.

What dinosaur has plates on its back?

Stegosaurus is a genus of armored dinosaur, with large bone plates along its neck, back and tail.

What other dinosaur looks like a Stegosaurus?

Description. Kentrosaurus was a small stegosaur. It had the typical dinosaurian body bauplan, characterised by a small head, a long neck, short forelimbs and long hindlimbs, and a long, horizontal and muscular tail.

What do Stegosauruses look like?

Stegosaurus is a genus of armored dinosaur, with large bone plates along its neck, back and tail. It had a very small head and brain. Like most plant-eating dinosaurs, it had no teeth in the front of its mouth, but only a beak. On the sides of the jaws it had tiny, palm-shaped cheek teeth for chewing soft vegetation.

How fast could a Stegosaurus run?

3.7 – 4.3 mphStegosaurus / Speed

Stegosaurus Could Only Run up to 5 Miles Per Hour Analysis of the size and nature of Stegosaurus’s legs reveal the creature could likely only travel at a maximum speed of up to 5 miles per hour, though speeds of 3.7–4.3 mph were likely more common. Stegosaurus had short forelimbs in relation to its hind legs.

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