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What are explanatory fictions?

What are explanatory fictions?

EXPLANATORY FICTION : Is a statement that has the form of an explanation but whose “cause” is really the same as its “effect.” In an explanatory fiction the same set of facts is described both by the behavior that is supposedly being explained and by the explanation.

What are explanatory fictions in ABA?

An explanatory fiction involves using only diagnoses, conceptual variables, and other non-observable constructs to explain behavior. Examples include: A parent says that their child acts out only because they have ADHD.

What are explanatory fictions Skinner?

STUDY. autonomous man. an explanatory fiction, in this case described as an inner person or indwelling agent, who is moved by vague inner forces independent of the behavioral contingencies.

What does conceptually systematic mean?

Conceptually Systematic: Procedures for changing behavior and any interpretations of how or why those procedures were effective. These procedures should be described in terms of relevant ABA principles.

What is the difference between radical behaviorism and methodological behaviorism?

Methodological behaviorism is the name for a prescriptive orientation to psychological science. In addition, radical behaviorism recognizes private behavioral events and subscribes to research and explanatory practices that do not include testing hypotheses about supposed mediating entities from another dimension.

What are the four domains of ABA?

The different instructional domains Everyday ABA consultants assess skills and deficits in are communication, daily living, social/community, academics, leisure, and vocational.

What does conceptually systematic in ABA mean?

Conceptually Systematic is describing in the language of ABA. This means that the practitioner in using basic behavior change principles of ABA, as opposed to other methods from other philosophies or disciplines.

What is methodological behaviorism in ABA?

Methodological Behaviorism Methodological behaviorists believe that human behavior results from the action of presumed organic variables that determines how a person responds to external stimuli. According to Methodological Behaviorism, talking is an overt response to stimuli mediated through organismic variables.

How is methodological behaviorism Mentalistic?

Thus, methodological behaviorists take the scientist’s behavior to be a function of private phenomena, engaged according to non-physical processes outside the dimensional system of behavior. Methodological behaviorism is therefore intrinsically mentalistic.

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