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What are good goals for an internship?

What are good goals for an internship?

Ace Your Internship by Setting the Right GoalsMastering Technical Skills. A good set of goals around technical business skills would be: Gaining Essential Background Knowledge. Perfecting Interpersonal Skills (Soft Skills) Building a Network of Contacts.

What do you want to learn during your internship?

Here’s all the lessons you learn on an internship.Work experience.Experience of work.Valuable contacts.A foot in the door.Confidence.Organisational skills.Careers clarity.

What are the expectations from internship?

What should I expect from a good internship?Pay – you are entitled to at least the National Minimum Wage – and expenses if appropriate.A contract. The chance to learn valuable work skills and gain useful experience. Sensible working hours. To be treated with the same respect as any other member of staff.A reference upon completion of the internship.

What do interns do when bored?

10 Things to Do When You’re Bored at Your InternshipAsk Your Supervisor for Something To Do. If you feel like your supervisor’s ignoring you, it might be because he or she has forgotten you’re there. Ask Everyone Else for Something To Do. Research Your Company and Competitors. Create Your Own Assignment. Read Your Favorite Websites. Relax. Work Out. Tour The Building.

What should you not do in an internship?

7 Things not to do in an Internship:Never Ignore the organisational culture: Never be incomplete and never miss a deadline. Ask many questions, but not too many. Never be late. Never Share Official matters. Never show boredom and tiredness. Never Lose contact.

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