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What are the goals of a teacher?

What are the goals of a teacher?

Here are a few great teacher goals that you should try and shoot for in the new school year.To Be a Better Teacher. To Make Learning Fun Again. To Inspire Students to Find a Love for Reading. To Create the Ultimate Organized Classroom. To Grade Students Fairly and Effectively. To Incorporate Effective Reading Strategies.

What is a good smart goal for teachers?

Most teachers use or have heard of SMART goals. Along with setting clear deadlines, these goals use an acronym to make them easier to accomplish: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Bound.

What do you expect from your teacher?

You might expect that your teacher has mastery over the material; that your teacher is skilled enough to provide different learning experiences for different kinds of learners; that he/she is conscientious enough to prepare lessons that not only engage but that also promote learning, mastery and independence;that …

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