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What are the top 40 pop songs right now?

What are the top 40 pop songs right now?

Top 40

  • Thats What I Want. LIL NAS X. Columbia.
  • Heat Waves. GLASS ANIMALS. Republic.
  • Ghost. JUSTIN BIEBER. Def Jam.
  • abcdefu. GAYLE. Atlantic.
  • Need To Know. DOJA CAT. Kemosabe/RCA.
  • Easy On Me. ADELE. Columbia.
  • Stay. THE KID LAROI & JUSTIN BIEBER. Columbia.
  • Shivers. ED SHEERAN. Atlantic.

What are the top ten pop songs of all time?

“The Bee Gees are some of the best songwriters ever in pop music, and this is one of their better songs,” says Warren of the first single from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, which became the Gibbs’ top-charting hit. 26. Eye of the Tiger – 1982 27. We Found Love – 2011 Rihanna Feat. Calvin Harris 28. Low – 2008 Flo Rida Feat. T-Pain 29.

What are the top ten most popular songs?

“I Fought The Law”,The Crickets,1960. (Some people prefer the version by The Clash,1979.) “Pro law and order,” said Conor Downey,Whitstable Stevie and Steven Fogel.

  • “Ballad of the Green Berets”,Barry Sadler,1966. Counter-counterculture hit in the US at the time of Vietnam war protests.
  • “Sympathy for the Devil”,The Rolling Stones,1968.
  • What are the top ten saddest songs?

    Top Ten Saddest Songs. The Top Ten. 1 Tears in Heaven – Eric Clapton. Many guitarists these days with a few years of experience can pick up a guitar and play famous riffs of so many great guitarists and perfect them but no one will ever be able to replicate how Clapton plays because they lack one simple thing – emotion.

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