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What bands did Ron Hynes play with?

What bands did Ron Hynes play with?

Wonderful Grand Band
Ron Hynes/Music groups

Who was Ron Hynes married to?

His association with EMI ended in 1997, but in the same year he and his wife Connie released 11:11 Newfoundland Women Sing Songs By Ron and Connie Hynes.

Where is Ron Hines from?

St. John’s, Canada
Ron Hynes/Place of birth

Where did Ron Hynes grow up?

Hynes was born in St. John’s in December 1950, and raised in Ferryland. He was a founding member of The Wonderful Grand Band, one of Newfoundland’s most popular performing groups, and has released seven solo albums.

When was Ron Hynes born?

December 7, 1950
Ron Hynes/Date of birth

Who recorded Sonny’s Dream?

Ron Hynes
Sonny’s Dream/Artists

How did Ron Hynes come to write Sonny’s Dream?

Hynes wrote the song while on a roadtrip with his band in western Canada and based it on his uncle, Thomas “Sonny” O’Neill, who had taught him how to play guitar and had pushed him play music professionally.

Who is Ron Hynes?

He was especially known for his composition ” Sonny’s Dream “, which has been recorded worldwide by many artists and was named the 41st greatest Canadian song of all time on the 2005 CBC Radio One series 50 Tracks: The Canadian Version. Ron Hynes was born in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador in December 1950, and raised in Ferryland.

Who else has recorded with Ron Hynes?

Best known for his folk classic Sonnys Dream, Ron Hynes’ songs have been recorded by artists world-wide including Emmylou Harris, Mary Black, Christie Moore, Denny Doherty, Murray McLauchlan, John McDermott, Prairie Oyster, The Cottars, Hayley Westenra and many more.

Can you see Ron Hynes’s soul?

When you look at the cover of Ron Hynes’ self-titled CD, his latest, you don’t see his eyes, as a stark, almost chalk-like outline of his face shields them from the viewer. However, you don’t need to see the eyes of “The man of a thousand songs” to see his soul. The window to his soul is through the music he writes and performs.

Is this Ron Hynes’strongest collection ever?

The result is one of Ron Hynes’ strongest collections ever, with the musician at the top of his form on both studio and live tracks.

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