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What caused the blackout in 1977?

What caused the blackout in 1977?

The 25-hour outage began around 9:30 p.m. on July 13th, after a bolt of lightning struck an electrical substation in Westchester. Not long after, another lightning strike took out two more power lines, and when the Ravenswood 3 power plant in Queens went down, the city fell dark.

What happened July 13th 1977?

1977: Lightning strikes a Consolidated Edison substation along the Hudson River, tripping two circuit breakers and setting off a chain of events that results in a massive power failure. …

How many people died in the NYC blackout 1977?

Between the”hours of 9:35 p.m*, July 13th to midnight July 14th, 1977, there were a total of 1809 incidents of property damage as a result of looting and vandalism, two civilian deaths, and injuries sustained by 436 policemen, 204 civilians and 80 firemen.

What caused the blackout of 1965?

The blackout was caused by the tripping of a 230-kilovolt transmission line near Ontario, Canada, at 5:16 p.m., which caused several other heavily loaded lines also to fail. All together, 30 million people in eight U.S. states and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec were affected by the blackout.

How long was the longest blackout in NYC?

NYCdata | Disasters. The Queens blackout of 2006 was one of the longest blackouts to hit the New York City (NYC) region. It began on July 17th and continued for eight days until power was restored on July 25th.

How long did the blackout of 1965 last?

More than 30 million people over 80,000 square miles had no electricity for as long as 13 hours. It was the largest blackout ever. Rush hour traffic snarled, and 800,000 people got stuck on subways in New York City. Many were trapped inside office buildings.

How long did the 1977 New York blackout last?

25 hours
And then the lights went out. The 1977 blackout in New York struck a city already on edge and threatened to push it over. The power outage, which began the night of July 13 and lasted up to 25 hours in some places, triggered widespread looting and arson and is considered among the lowest points in New York history.

Are blackouts common in New York?

New York City has experienced historic widespread blackouts. In July 1977, electricity was out for 25 hours after lightning strikes cut service for all five boroughs.

What was the longest blackout in NYC?

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Was NY77 The coolest year in Hell?

And yet out of the chaos emerged one of the most creative times any city has ever encountered. Executive Produced by Academy Award Nominee Nanette Burstein (“The Kid Stays in the Picture”), “NY77: The Coolest Year In Hell” is a two-hour documentary that tells the story of one astonishing year in New York City history.

What happened to New York City in 1977?

New York City, 1977 – It was a time when the city had fallen into decay, with too few jobs, money, police, schools, and social services. There was a city wide blackout with major looting, a serial killer on the loose, and the Bronx was burning. And yet out of the chaos emerged one of the most creative times any city has ever encountered.

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