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What color should my mead be?

What color should my mead be?

Mead ranges from almost clear to a molasses amber color, especially if heat is not used in the process. If heat is used; as in a Brochet mead, it can be quite dark in color. If fruit, flowers or spices are used the color change accordingly; from dark purples, bright red, pale pinks, or even blue, the sky’s the limit.

Why is it called Cyser?

We distinguish it because it shows up so often on tap menus around Georgia. A cyser is a mead which has been fermented with apple juices rather than water, created a unique drink that is both sweeter and tarter. It’s common to add other ingredients to flavor the cyser like autumn fruits or spices.

Is melomel a mead?

Melomel is a kind of mead that involves fermented fruit in addition to fermented honey and it may be further flavored with spices. Melomel its own categories that all depend on the kind of fruit used and each one of those has its own history as well as standards.

What is Acerglyn?

Maple mead, also called acerglyn, is made by replacing some of the honey with pure maple syrup. Here is a one gallon maple mead recipe fermented with orange and spices!

How long should mead age?

Mead should ideally age between six months to three years of aging before its ready to drink, depending on the mead. Just as with wine, lighter meads tend to be ready sooner; heavier, darker meads take longer.

Is Cyser sweet?

You can find different forms of Cyser at Cideries and Meaderies. They can be dry or sweet, effervescent or still, and are occasionally fortified. Sometimes other fruits are blended in to enhance the flavour.

What does Cyser taste like?

Up-front it is like a apple-wine – the flavour is very much that of a dry cider, while the 12.5% alcohol makes itself apparent as a bit of alcohol heat and a mild burn in the chest. The flavour of honey comes out as the boozy apple goodness fades, with the after taste being almost entirely honey.

Did Vikings drink braggot?

This unique brewery offers a full line of braggots which is one of the oldest fermented drinks. It was the drink of choice for Vikings. It takes elements of beer and fermented honey or mead to create a delicious beverage.

What is champagne yeast?

What is champagne yeast? Similar to wine yeast and beer yeast, champagne yeast is a type of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast that’s made for alcohol production. It’s clean and neutral and can withstand higher alcohol levels than bread yeast, making it perfect for champagne, dry wines and cider.

Is mead brewed or distilled?

Mead is like a kissing-cousin to beer. Both of them are brewed and fermented in a similar way, more so than wine. But like wine and beer, mead exists in it’s own category. BUT, it is more akin to beer than wine because of it’s consistency and habits.

How long does an unopened bottle of mead last?

Sometimes it’s only 24 hours, other times up to a week.

Pantry Fridge
Classic Mead (Unopened) 5 years +
Classic Mead (Opened) 3 – 6 months 4 – 8 months
Lighter Mead (Unopened) Best By + 6 months
Lighter Mead (Opened) 1 week

What the Heck is a cyser?

Not sure what a Cyser is? Well, there’s mead, you know, Vikings, Egyptians, and pretty much all of our ancestors loved this stuff. It’s a fermented alcoholic beverage made from honey. Well, honey, water and yeast, if we’re being technical. It is possibly the first fermented beverage humans ever made.

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