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What Daw does Timbaland use?

What Daw does Timbaland use?

Ableton Live software
Timbaland uses Ableton Live software, a popular program for dance, pop, and hip hop producers who use pre-recorded samples. The second tool he uses is an Ableton device called a Push, which controls the software using light-up pads.

Who choreographs for Justin Timberlake?

Marty is Justin Timberlake’s exclusive choreographer and artistic director, having choreographed numerous performances such as Timberlake’s performance for the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, 2013 Grammy Awards, 2013 Brit Awards, and 2008 ESPY Awards, along with Justin’s 2005, 2006, 2007 MTV VIDEO AWARDS.

What MPC does Timbaland use?

Akai Professional MPC Renaissance Controller This instrument is seen on the right hand side of a video Timbaland posted on Instagram. He was playing a trapp beat on top of what sounded like a disco sample using the MPC Renaissance Controller.

What MIDI controller does Timbaland use?

Originally an Akai MPC user, Timbaland now uses Ableton Live with a Push 2 controller to create his music.

What DAW does Pdogg use?

Native Instruments Maschine Studio You can see his Maschine Studio on the black cabinet to the left of his desk.

How old is Marty Kudelka?

47 years (September 24, 1974)Marty Kudelka / Age

Who choreographed trolls?

Marty Kudelka
As Justin Timberlake’s exclusive choreographer and co-creative director, Marty Kudelka has choreographed many of his live and televised performances, including Timberlake’s current MAN OF THE WOODS World Tour, the spectacular 2018 Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show, and the Academy Awards performance of “Can’t Stop The …

What DAW does Namjoon use?

RM has said that he uses FL STUDIO.

What DAW does Suga use?

Composers, Music Producers, Rappers Suga (Agust D) has been reported using Steinberg Cubase Pro 8 (DAW).

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