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What disqualifies you from being a flight attendant?

What disqualifies you from being a flight attendant?

With this new program, the FAA does not allow anyone who doesn’t pass to become certified (and work) as a flight attendant. The list of previous convictions that would exclude you from being a flight attendant is extensive and includes any felony and any violent crime. It also includes any crime involving an aircraft.

How many hours are flight attendants allowed to work?

The maximum number of flying hours per day is set by union agreement, and on-duty time is usually limited to 12 hours per day, with a daily maximum of 14 hours. Generally, flight attendants fly from 65 to 85 hours per month.

How can I prepare to be a flight attendant?

Flight Attendants – Preparationhave a high school diploma or equivalent;be at least 18 or 21 years old, depending on the employer;complete a flight attendant training program;have one to two years of related work experience; and.complete moderate-term, on-the-job training.

How do I succeed in flight attendant interview?

9 things you need to do if you want to become a flight attendantDress conservatively. Clean up your social media. Have great customer service examples ready to go. Fly in the night before the face-to-face interview. But also be yourself. Give some thought to why you want the job.

How can I join cabin crew?

RequirementsAt least 21 years of age at the time of joining.Arm reach of 212 cm while standing on tiptoes.Minimum height of 160 cm.High school graduate (Grade 12)Fluency in English (written and spoken)No visible tattoos while you’re in Emirates cabin crew uniform (cosmetic and bandage coverings aren’t allowed)

What is difference between cabin crew and air hostess?

The simple answer is, there is no difference! They are just two different names referring to the same job. Ultimately, whether someone calls you Cabin Crew or an Air Hostess you are still the person on the plane that is attending to passengers and ensuring a safe flight.

What are the questions asked in air hostess interview?

Answer the Top 10 Flight Attendant Interview Questions’What do you know about our airline? ‘Why do you want to work for our airline? ‘Where do you see yourself in five years? ‘What are your strengths? ‘Do you prefer working alone or as part of a team? ‘Have you ever dealt with a colleague who wasn’t pulling their weight?

When should I apply for air hostess?

Generally, the airlines prefer to recruit Air Hostesses within the age group of 18 years to 25 years. But, this may applicable on recruitment at every airline, because the age limit for becoming an Air Hostess depends upon the policy of the institutes. Apart from age limit, the institutes prefer unmarried girls.

Is cabin crew a good job?

Although most cabin crew will tell you that the greatest perk of the job is being able to travel the world, there are other unknown benefits that makes being one worth it. If you want a job that doesn’t just let you travel for free but covers a few other benefits as well then read on to know more!

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