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What do you write in a Hindu wedding card?

What do you write in a Hindu wedding card?

The Basic Indian Wedding Invite

  1. The Host Line – The rule says that whoever is paying for the wedding is the “host” of the event.
  2. Request / Invitation Line – This line basically “invites” your guests to your nuptials.
  3. Names – Of the couple getting married, obviously!
  4. Parents And/Or Grandparents Names –
  5. Information Line –

What is a detail card for wedding?

Wedding details cards are an extra piece of information—often printed on stationery—within your wedding invite suite. Wedding details cards are typically are sent out with your wedding invitation card, and include the important information that any guest may need, such as accommodation and transportation details.

What do you write on a wedding invitation card?

All wedding invitations should include the following elements:

  • Who’s hosting.
  • The request to come to the wedding.
  • The names of the couple.
  • The date and time.
  • The location.
  • Reception information.
  • Dress code.
  • Separate RSVP card.

What details go on a wedding invitation?

Wedding Invitation Information

  • Names of the Hosts.
  • The Couple’s Names.
  • Date and Time of Ceremony.
  • Ceremony and Reception Location.
  • Attire Details.
  • Wedding Website Address.
  • RSVP Card.
  • Extra Information about Venue.

How can I write my name on my wedding card in India?

But in cases wherein both the parties co-create one invitation card, it is essential to decide whose name will come first in Indian wedding invitation wording format. As the norm goes, the name of the bride gets featured first, followed by that of the groom and his parents and grandparents next.

How big are details card for wedding?

Wedding Invitations: Typically sized at 5×7″ (US standard), your wedding invitation will fit into a standard A7 (7.25×5.25″) envelope with a 2.5″ flap. On the invitation you will list the hosts, the couple, and the ceremony date, time and location.

What size are detail cards?

The most popular of the optional inserts are information or details cards. The standard size is 4.25”x5. 5” and they can be larger or double-sided if you need to add more info onto them.

Whats the meaning of PS?

PS stands for postscript. It comes from the Latin postscriptum, which literally means “written after.” A postscript is an additional thought added to letters (and sometimes other documents) that comes after it has been completed. The P.S. is the most charming part of a letter.

What are the best wedding cards?

— Just days before his wedding, Jacob Akerson was stranded without a best man to stand beside him at the altar. His friend couldn’t fly in from California because of work obligations, so he turned to the man who has been there for every other important life moment up until that point: his 74-year-old grandfather.

What to write in Indian wedding cards?

“May you have many beautiful lifetimes together. Congratulations on the occasion of your happy marriage”. “May you always stay together and support each other through thick and thin. Show everyone what a good marriage is.” “Blessings of good health, happiness, wealth and a long life.

What do Hindu brides wear at their wedding?

The History and Meaning of the Red Bridal Lehenga. Any Indian person will tell you that nearly everything in Indian culture is a symbol,and color is no exception: Yellow,…

  • Red Bridal Lehenga FAQs. Do I have to wear a red bridal lehenga?
  • Alternatives to a Red Bridal Look.
  • How to perform a traditional Hindu wedding?

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